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  1. They do seem to be interchangeable in the case of Atari 5200 files. I started off with .a52 files and they still passed the CRC checks and worked perfectly in the MAME core after being renamed to .bin and zipped up.
  2. The a5200.xml file specifies filenames with a .bin extension so that's the name it uses when it adds the file to the zip. It will use the name from the <software> element for the name of the zip file and the name from the <rom> element for the names of the files contained within.
  3. New update to the renamer app posted. It will now handle multi-disk sets. When a MAME software item has multiple <rom> elements these will be shown on the mapping tab as "Game Name #1" "Game Name #2" etc. so you can select the correct file. During renaming it now handles storing multiple ROM files per zip file. Since MAME puts the disk numbers in brackets e.g. (disk 1 of 3) it means that currently these are seen as ROM tags and are ignored in the fuzzy name mapping. This means that you won't get an exact match and the top match in the MapTo drop-down might not the disk you'd expect. The fuzzy name matching currently just strips out anything in either round or square brackets. Maybe it needs to leave in any tags starting with "disk" so that they'll match up better.
  4. Thanks for the info Brent. It's currently only reading the <software> element and the first <rom> element. It shouldn't be too hard to get it to support multiple <rom> elements. For the mapping purposes I'd probably still read this as a flat list so it can be easily mapped to HyperSpin, but change the display name so that the MapTo column would show something like "The Cryllan Mission 2088 - The Second Scenario #1", "The Cryllan Mission 2088 - The Second Scenario #2" etc. where multiple roms for a software item exist. The ROM copying will need to be a little smarter too - it currently just creates a zip file using the MAME short name and the rom name for the file inside it. What it will need to to is check if a zip file exists and if it does add the ROM to it rather than trying to create the zip file again. I think I have enough info to look into this so it shouldn't be too hard for me to look into providing a fix for this.
  5. I've done some more testing of the renaming app and I'm happy enough to release it. So far I've used it to rename both my Amstrad GX400 and Atari 5200 ROMs and artwork and everything seems to be working as expected. You can find the application here:
  6. Version 1.0.1


    HyperSpin MAME Renamer is a Windows application that will take a HyperSpin XML file, a MAME softlist XML file, a folder containing ROMs, and multiple artwork folders. It will then use this information to rename the ROMs and artwork files so that they correspond to the MAME short name. The application works in two stages. When you have entered your file/folder details it will process the data in the two XML files and attempt to automatically map the data. Various options for how data should be mapped are available: Automatically map games based on CRC values - When a game has the same CRC value in the HyperSpin database and the MAME XML file then it will be considered a match. Automatically map games where the name is an exact match (excluding ROM tags) - If a game cannot be matched by CRC then it will perform a fuzzy name search. If this option is selected then any games with the same name, apart from ROM tags such as (Europe), (USA) etc. will be considered a match. Automatically select the best name where no exact match is available - If a game cannot be matched by CRC or exact name then the best match will be automatically selected. This option is off by default. You will be able to review the mappings on the "Mappings" tab, as well as manually amend the mappings by using the drop-down in the "Map To" column. This games listed in the drop-down are ordered by how close the names match. Note that when a game was matched by CRC only that game will appear in the list since we can be certain we have the right game and therefore don't need to do the fuzzy name search. Once you are happy with the mappings, click the "Rename" button to proceed. The application will then use the mappings to rename the files. Optionally, the application can also verify that the ROM files match the CRC values in the MAME XML file as part of this process. The files will be written to the output folder in the following structure: HyperSpin XML file.xml - A copy of the HyperSpin database file, with the names updated to use the MAME short names and the CRC values updated to those expected by MAME. - Roms - The ROMs folder will contain the renamed ROMs. These will be automatically put into .zip files so that they can be used with MAME. - Artwork - This folder will contain sub-folders for each artwork folder you selected. The names of the sub-folders will match the names of the input artwork folders e.g. if you selected C:\Users\Me\Downloads\Artwork4 then you will get a sub-folder called "Artwork4" Source code to the application is available here: https://github.com/ChrisSimpson/Hyperspin-MAME-Renamer
  7. I was finding that games with the "a5200_2chips" attribute would display the initial Atari logo but then go to a black screen after that. I didn't have the a5200.xml/a5200.hsi files in place though. I've been working on the renaming app over the weekend and I'm not too far away now, just need to do some more testing on it so hopefully I'll be in a position to get it uploaded soon.
  8. I think I'm going to go down the renaming route after all. I'm finding that a lot of Atari 5200 games aren't working with the cmd file method. The issue seems to be related to differences in the a5200.xml hash file. The games that work have this data: <feature name="slot" value="a5200" /> The games work that don't have this: <feature name="slot" value="a5200_2chips" /> I can't figure out how to pass this on the command line, so I think it's better to rename the files so that they can pick up the data they need from the MAME softlist. I'm a software developer so it shouldn't be too hard to write an application that will take a HyperSpin XML file, a MAME softlist, a set of ROMs and related artwork and do the renaming automatically. In cases where both XML files have CRC values it should be possible to use that to automatically map the names, otherwise it can use fuzzy matching on the descriptions to do the mapping. Once the mapping has been set up it will then be easy enough to rename the ROMs, artwork and output a modified HyperSpin XML file. Once I have a working application I'll see about getting it uploaded to the "ROM/Database/Renaming tools" section of the download area to share it with the community here.
  9. Finally got Atari 5200 working with cmd files... Since I had Amstrad GX4000 set up, I was able to get into the MAME core options within RetroArch. There I needed to switch on the "Read Configuration" setting. I then needed an a5200.ini file in my RetroArch/system/mame/ini folder with the rompath set to the directory containing my a5200.zip file. In my case this was /sdcard/Hyperspin/Roms/Atari 5200. So, it seems that the "secret sauce" to get cmd files working is to switch on the "Read Configuration" core option, and have a system-specific ini file pointing at the folder where the bios zip file can be found.
  10. I'm also running into problems with Atari 5200 on my Nvidia Shield TV (2017) using the cmd file method. I have the following folder structure for my roms: Hyperspin - Roms - Amstrad GX4000 - CmdFiles - Atari 5200 - CmdFiles In Atari 5200.ini: [exe info] path= rompath=/sdcard/Hyperspin/Roms/Atari 5200/CmdFiles userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=cmd parameters=cores/mame_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders=true pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true In the /sdcard/Hyperspin/Roms/Atari 5200/CmdFiles I have my .cmd files set up as follows: a5200 -cart "/sdcard/Hyperspin/Roms/Atari 5200/Activision Decathlon, The (USA).a52" When I try and launch an Atari 5200 game from HyperSpin I get the RetroArch stopped error. I also have a similar setup for Amstrad GX4000 which works perfectly. The difference is that Amstrad GX4000 doesn't require a bios file but Atari 5200 does. This leads me to believe that the error is something to do with loading the bios file. I have tried putting a5200.zip in my Atari 5200 roms folder, in the CmdFiles folder under it, in my Retroarch system/mame/roms folder, in an a5200 folder under that. I have also tried with and without mame.ini files. I'm pretty sure the a5200.zip file is ok because I've tested it with mame64.exe on my laptop and it seems to work fine there. I've even tried connecting to my Shield using adb and running logcat to see if I can spot anything in the trace, but it doesn't show anything useful. In order to get this method working do I need anything in RetroArch/system/mame/mame.ini or a file in the RetroArch/system/mame/ini folder? I feel I'm missing out something obvious but I can't figure out what. Could someone who has the cmd file method please share the contents of their system/mame folder so I can check if anything is missing from there?
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