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  1. It is because people are taking all the hard work from this website + community and making a set up with it. Then they make a bunch of copies of it and sell it using the name "HyperSpin" since that is the name of the front end being used. I've only been here a few months and I've seen a few people buy a drive and blame this community for something that's wrong with it. NEVER buy a drive buddy. Everyone is so helpful here, that you can do it yourself. Honestly, once I am finished with my build, I will probably of had more fun building it and tearing my hair out on the set up and always improving it than actually playing it lol.
  2. Challenge accepted, I'll let you know one day when I reach that amount of TB's in my system haha.
  3. All three of you thanks for more input, I am going to buy one for sure this weekend. Yeah the space I need keeps getting bigger and bigger. My biggest concern was failure and the 5900rpm, which looks like neither should be an issue for most 4tb drives. The 4tb seagate seems to be the cheapest right now on Amazon, but there's not huge price differences in some of the others. 4tb seagate for $115, WD blue for $128 and WD red for $150. 20+TB wow well, I'll make my way up there eventually as I see the amount of space needed for some consoles. My ocd makes me want to own every game of a system even if I don't play a lot of them just as a completionist which adds up a lot on newer systems.
  4. Thank you both. Yeah I have a 2tb wd my passport which isn't even enough the more I get addicted to adding more systems. Rust2dust, you don't sound like a jerk at all lol, thanks for the help. I'll make sure to keep my backups and schedule more. I may get one of those, I have just heard you don't really need black for emulation and red is 5900rpm I believe, so I didn't know if that made a difference. THK: Yeah I figured to stay away from the Seagate 3tb drives. The thing is the 4tb WD and Seagate are both only 5900rpm. Would 5900rpm be too slow when it comes to emulation? I did see a Toshiba 5tb hard drive that was 7900rpm and cheaper than the 4tb for $145 on Amazon. HGST has a 4tb hard drive that is NAS (even though I wouldn't use it) but about the same price as the Toshiba one. ​I'll give storagereviews a read as well, but if you think 5900rpm is fine, I'll grab a WD blue or Seagate. Or if faster makes a difference, I'll bite the bullet and buy the WD black or one of the other two I mentioned for 5tb or the one with NAS if I can use that in a regular desktop. Too much overthinking, tell me what you would buy from those please so I can stop doing what if's haha.
  5. So I have a habit of overthinking things sometimes and this is one of them. I am looking to buy a 3 or 4tb hard drive since my 1tb won't be enough since I caught the bug of HyperSpin and emulation. I am ready to pull the trigger, but am scared to get a bad one. For example the 3tb Seagate with high failure rates and WD and Seatgate 4tb are only 5200rpm. Advice on my crazy overthinking would be nice. P.S. I would prefer to save money and not buy a WD black since all I want is a reliable drive for my games.
  6. lqlegit

    Games or Roms

    I don't know the exact rules on talking about locations of roms, therefore I will just say google is your friend. Add some youtube in there and you will have a good starting point.
  7. lqlegit

    Test 1

    Hello this is just a reply
  8. Yeah I just stream them usually on my main computer and I have an external hd for anything I choose to keep. They take up lots of space, so I don't keep many lol. Yeah I thought about oculus, but I think this build I want to keep simple and cheap. Thanks for all your input though! A NAS box is surely on my list some day. Well a good deal, plus losing your main computer is more than a good enough excuse to upgrade to overkill lol. I prefer my main not die on me to pull the trigger on a bigger build though haha,
  9. That is one hell of a HyperSpin pc lol. I like your idea and the fact that you don't have to worry about specs for quite some time since you will be set for a while it sounds like. I just prefer to go cheaper on this first build, even though I know down the road I will want to build a new system when I have more experience and go over the top ha. I just want to go cheaper and use the rest of my funds for a cabinet and what not. I may look in to it and see the price difference though anyways.
  10. I'll look into the z97 and the noctua coolers, thanks JayC! If I didn't want to overclock, do you think an i3 would work, or I would need an i5?
  11. I have never overclocked a computer before, but it doesn't seem too difficult. I may just look at different motherboards; any recommendations? I saw that you couldn't and now you can with a certain bios update or something. I was curious if I needed a cooler, but if I overclock it makes sense that I would.
  12. Congrats 47 on the new game as well! I've seen you on here, YouTube and etc. A helpful person for sure.
  13. Hey everyone I've seen a couple posts about computer build questions and was hoping to get some answers for myself. I have been running hyperspin on my main computer, but am ready to get a computer just for hyperspin, and possibly KODI as well. I have never built one from scratch, but really want to learn. On PC part picker and hearing other people talk, I was thinking something like: Intel Pentium G3258 3.2GHz Dual-Core Processor ASRock H97M PRO4 Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard Kingston HyperX Fury Red 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1866 Memory EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB Superclocked Video Card Corsair CX 430W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply PNY CS1311 120GB 2.5" Solid State Drive (For OS) Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Thermaltake VL80001W2Z ATX Mid Tower Case PCpartpicker (Link for all of the above together) I really just want to run up to Dreamcast, PS1, Gamecube, MAME and below. With some video streaming off of KODI if possible. Anyone know if this will do the job and if the case is fine as well as Motherboard? I just want a simple case and a Motherboard with a good amount of usb ports and HDMI (preferred). I want to make sure this build won't have any problems with the systems I was worried about. I wouldn't mind playing some current steam games I have, but it's not a must since this will eventually go in a cabinet. Thanks. - Josh
  14. So did you just buy a steam machine and use that (with upgrades) The reason I am asking is because I finally got hyperspin and roms to work on my computer and now I need a new computer for a htpc with KODI and HyperSpin for the living room. I have been trying to find a small computer to fit in the entertainment center (that's not a tower) that can act as a htpc and HyperSpin machine. I don't need any current pc games newer than PS2 for the most part (figured I would upgrade if I ever change my mind). I basically want something like yours for older games and KODI, so I may go that route if I can buy a steam machine computer for that. I really don't want to build one piece by piece with my small amount of skill.
  15. Great download and easy to set up! I'm enjoying the randomizer, but at the same time I may just switch to just the 1st intro. It looks so nice and clean with just the colors and title. Thanks for the download Avar.
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