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  1. 39" Westinghouse will fit just like this build. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/showthread.php?23869-For-Sale-39-quot-28-quot-DMD-All-New-Hardware-only-3499&highlight=westinghouse
  2. Take some pictures of it decased I just bought that TV. I don’t think I will have to decase it but it would be nice to see the pictures just in case. Your cab looks good.
  3. You might send him a Message he was talking about holding a couple back.
  4. Your build is coming alone very nicely. This is such a bummer it is hard enough to pay for this stuff the first time but to have to buy it a second time bites.
  5. I personally think it is more trouble than it is worth. I would not want those high voltages in my cabinet. I have two real DMD's on my shelf that I could have used. I am happy with the LED version.
  6. Sorry for the delay but here some pictures on the XpinPinball display with Russ board. I have two lines out on this test display but as you can see it works great. This is there 5v version http://xpinpinball.com/
  7. He mailed me a display out yesterday so I should have some more info soon. The last three pictures are Xpinball display working with Russ board.
  8. He is going to send me a display to test. I work with [email protected] and Russ to make sure they work well with Russ’s board. I will take pictures post them here if it working. His pricing is decent and they can have some ready I think August. I do think the blue will look good on Tron. The last three pictures are Xpinball display working with Russ board.
  9. I talked to Brett a very nice guy making pinball replacement displays. He Company is www.xpinpinball.com and he is producing 5v DMD. They even offer different colors. I asked him to post his details here. I will post some images for him.The last three pictures are Xpinball display working with Russ board.
  10. When I did my MS sidewinder I just when to Wal-Mart. Custom Accessories OTX Portable Device Holder with Flex-Neck http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=16386503&findingMethod=rr it worked really well. Then I setup a friends and I used a bike one. This did not work at all like mine it was very bad. So I went back to Wal-Mart and bought the same one I have as with mine I took off silver bar. I just driller a couple holes in the mounting pad put the screws right through it. This worked great again. I used gstav config file. The first image did not work well at all. I think it is because the Wal-Mart one has a long mounting arm this amplifies the motion when you nudge.
  11. Create a shortcut right click on that shortcut and go to properties. Then select the compatibility tab. At the bottom check off the “Run this program as an Administrator” apply the changes you are all set.
  12. You can save a shortcut with this setting applied so you don’t have to keep remembering
  13. It just keeps getting better. Thanks for sharing! A round of washers on the house for my contactors.
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