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  1. Sorry about that read the wrong name Beard. Bulbous Q. Beard
  2. Thanks HyperNewbie that worked!!!
  3. So I need to upgrade my account on emumovies and hypersync for the sync to work?
  4. Hyperspin is showing half screen when im in a game when my text size scaling is set too 150 on windows 10 the only way I can run hyperspin correctly is when i turn the text scaling to 100. I But then my task bar and everything else is really small. I tried changing the screen settings to 3840 x 2160 and 1920 x 1080 in HyperHQ still no go. Any ideas?
  5. When I try to sync it always says no new media as of. Any ideas? I logged into emumovies and hyperspin also I have s subscription to both and im logged in. I updated the data base also.
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