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  1. Is there a way to download all mame roms in one shot? And if so where could i find the most updated ones?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions, it is much appreciated. I understand that it will not be my vision but to be honest, its just for me and my boys to play. It doesnt have to be anything past n64. Like i said i wouldnt tweak it in any way. But to be honest, the frontend is just one thing. I wouldnt even know where to begin looking for emulators, knowing which ones are good, downloading updated roms... I guess im completely out of my element. I wish i had the time to figure it all out but between work and family i barely sleep. So i guess i would need a complete package with frontend, emulators and roms... Thanks for the replys anyways guys
  3. Thanks, is there anybody that you guys recommend buying a drive from? Or is it just pretty much a risk
  4. Hey guys, Im building an arcade cabinet, which is about 90% complete, minus the computer/hyperspin/emulators/roms. Im very handy when it comes to building stuff but i am completely computer illiterate! ive been reading on this forum that people are very against people selling "plug and play" hard drives, which i now completely understand why. You guys put in alot of hard work to have someone steal it and turn around and make a profit off your sweat, not cool! My problem is though that i dont have the brains, nor the time(2 kids) to figure all of this from scratch. So to a guy like me, paying someone for a drive thats pre loaded with a frontend, emulators and roms is my only option before giving up on this dream of a stand up arcade forever! I get that if something went wrong i would be screwed bit all i ever plan to do is turn my cpu on and off to play with my kids, not tweak anything ever! Please help me, i dont know what to do! Thanks
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