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  1. All sorted now, thanks to all for the input and help..
  2. Yeah that's what I am thinking mate it has been a few years since I used it and 6 years since my details were issued to me. I have put a support request in so hopefully Admin will be in contact soon.
  3. Hi All, After a very long break from Hyperspin I decided to get a set up going again and was just wondering if HS still has an FTP..? I have FileZila and have tried to connect but having no joy..? Cheers, love the new web design.
  4. Thank you so much mate,, it has worked, I was using my original password from the PM, I just used my password from my login and it worked. Thank you again..
  5. 100% right there Rich,, 3 days and not one email from Admin... WTF..
  6. Thanks for clearing that up Brolly,, where the fu*k is Admin..??
  7. It could be that then if anyone knows how long the gold membership FTP access lasts please post here.., I would appreciate it if Admin could just clear that up for me,, however it seems like there is no Admin anymore..??
  8. When I go to the donate page it just gives me the option to upgrade to platinum, I do not see any expiry date.??
  9. I am pretty sure it was unlimited, I can not remember to be honest.
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