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  1. That's why you gotta use the original IL Eurostick, instead of the Happ Competition stick. It has a tighter and slightly larger actuator than Happ's Competition stick so the throw is about half the distance.
  2. Here are the pics of the custom sticks I made that Lucian did the artwork for. I'm still floored by the quality of the prints!
  3. I ordered some CP artwork from Lucian and it turned out awesome!!! It is not ready to be seen by public eyes yet, but when all is said and done I will definitely post some pics! Lucian, check your messages....
  4. In regards to the polycarbonate overlays, do you just not like them, or do you not have the ability to do them at all? I'm working on a couple of control panels and I prefer not using plexiglass tops on my control panels, and I'd rather use a protective overlay to protect my artwork. In the past I've had some work printed with a 5.0 mil PVC overlaminate called Emerytex and it looks great. Do you have the ability to do anything similar? Also are you able to cut the artwork in specific shapes, like cutting out the button holes and the outside shape of the control panel?
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