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  1. Well for me it did - had to change interpolation type from "HighQualityBicubic" to "Off" in general settings - HS would error out, but the game loaded in the background, weird stuff
  2. Cheers for that - I did try that earlier, but it didn't work for me. I also needed to disable fade in the global settings, but I was too tired to figure that out. Glad it was a quick fix
  3. Hey everyone, very new to the world of arcade emulation - and I used Simply Austins videos to set up RL and HyperSpin. I'm at the point now testing the Sega Genesis system with a couple ROMs. They display properly and launch via RetroArch using the function in RLUI. when I try to launch the same ROM via HyperSpin, this is the error I receive: http://iforce.co.nz/i/zuje1z5m.j3m.png This is my setup in HyperHQ: http://iforce.co.nz/i/lghcjodr.353.png I've got Rocket Launcher and Hyperspin in different directories, correctly pointing to each other where required - just ticked over 1am here and I'm just stumped as to where the problem lie. If anyone could shed some light on where to begin for troubleshooting, or even a straight forward fix, it would be much appreciated. I'll be checking the thread after some shut-eye, so don't worry if I don't reply straight away. EDIT: apologies for not posting this in the support subforum, just seen that it was there. Newb mistake - blame it on the sleep
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