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  1. Well that could be a good trade: Babysitting Hours in exchange for Woodwork Hours ;-)
  2. Lets Try Youtube The Cab The Gameplay ;-)
  3. Well I havent either ... I hooked up a carpenter and we had around 10 hours for the Woodwork ... i paid the wood and put a bag of dollars on top for his help and the "rent" of his woodshop ... maybe you know some dude as well where you could do the same
  4. Thanx Man ... took about 20 Days of Work ... but now ... playing the Tables on the Beats it was absolutely worth it ;-)
  5. Danger - Major Video Nerdgazm ahead ;-) The Cab The Gameplay
  6. Its Alive! The Finished Vegapin ... Video up next ;-)) See more and Detailed Pictures of the finished Vegapin-Build here: http://sascharossier.com/?p=2007
  7. Thanx Metalzoic ;-) Yeah True, the woodshop dude is a crazy ass Oldschool Woodwork-Master and the woodshop is part of the set decoration/scenery-department of a big theatre. My Girlfriend works there and so i got connected. Happy Coincidence: The Woodshop-Man loves to play Pinball too. Hes already thinking about making another Vegapin for himself ;-) Arwork is a mashup from old B-Movie Posters ("When Dinosaurs ruled the Earth", "Terror from the Year 5000" and sum Japanese Robot-Flick)
  8. he he he ... true! Im slowly but steadily getting there. Time to compare the Render with the Real beast ;-)
  9. Finally ... Woodwork done ... That Sukka feels really stury and heavy Find all Pictures of the WoodWork-Process here: http://sascharossier.com/?p=2007 Next Step: Electronics ;-)
  10. They Say you have to visualize the goal ;-)
  11. Hej JSK ... thanx 4 the tip ;-) i will check out pinballx x then ;-)
  12. Hej Dear VPerz I use to play a lot of Pinball when I was young, but with Age this Passion went a bit to sleep. But just Yesterday i got caught by the Fascination of Virtual Pinballs. I watched all the Tutorials of that Dude scorpius (www.youtube.com/watch?v=fnKXIRK4-J4&list=PLZU98v6HPzNYCxOazPkDtTbBKPIAzi14V) and i was completely blown away. I didnt know something like this even existed and now here i am. One night later, barely slept an hour and already planned my own pinball cabinet: 43"/24" Screens, zebsboards all in one VP-Kit, visual pinball with a Hyperpin frontend. Tipping Analysis looks pretty good Place might be an issue here. But if things get packed i can still enlarge the lower belly on the front to get some more space. Since Im a complete Noob to VPs a lot of - maybe useless - questions pop up. The Most recent one is this: Focussing on the angle and placement of the playfield-screen and the playfielt glass is saw, that a lot of cabinet designs carry the screen parallel to the floor and only the glass is angled at 6 degrees up. Is there any practical reason for that? Cause logically it makes no sense to me: The virtual tables are already styled in a kind of 3D-Style where a virtual pinball-backwall is already included. So the playfield itself should be angles at 6 degrees as well; or do i miss on somenting. And a angled playfield would improve the viewing angle on the screen and thus improve the perceptual color quality of the screen innit?
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