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  1. Well thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. The video starts now. any one have any suggestions as to how to figure out if a button or command is causing it to cut the video off? If nothing else, at least I have the intro video I wanted playing and then Hyperspin can be used.
  2. Ok I took it out. I also clicked off the option allowing to cut the video away with a button And boom! Intro video is working. It's the Iron Man/War Machine Drone battle in Iron Man 2. It's a bit long but I love it and could watch it over and over again. So now that it worked, that leads me to believe that somewhere a command or button is being recognized which is cutting the video out. I have led blinky on my computer as well as my xbox controllers hooked up to a wireless USB drive. Could either of these things be causing the issue?
  3. The video tries to start but something prevents it or like you said a key is being hit which cuts it
  4. Ok not converting them. Not even sure I can. Annoying that I open the drive and can't find the Hyperspin configuration folder to adjust the settings like you said
  5. Man this is frustring. I have the video intro properties open but I don't see a way to change the type of file.
  6. I have the Hyperspin Startup Script Notepad open and I don't see an intro video option here.
  7. This is child's play for you guys I know. I don't even see the folder for Hyperspin settings in my files. All I see is the Hyperspin application launch. If it is as simple as not wanting to play a mp4, how do I convert the video file to a flv?
  8. Startup program is D:\Arcade\Media\Frontend\Video\Intro.mp4
  9. Hey everyone. I'm very new at this so be gentle. I am trying to insert an intro video into my Hypserspin set up. What do I need to do within Hyoerspin HQ? The video tries to come on but cuts out after a second and then Hyperspin launches. Any idea? Thanks Ryan
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