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Main Menu Wheels

10 files

  1. Tristeele Custom - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    160 Custom Main Menu Wheels
    AAE AAE2 Actionmax Actionmax2 Adventurevision Adventurevisionb American Laser American Laser2 Amstrad Amstradb Amstradc Apple2 Apple2b Arcade TV Arcadia Arcadiab Astrocade Astrocade2 Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 800a Atari 800b Atari 800c Atari ST Atari STb Atomiswave Atomiswave3 Boxee Boxeeb Cave Channel F Channel Fc ChannelFb Colecovision Colecovisionb Commodore 128 Commodore 128b Commodore 64 Commodore 64b Commodore 64c Commodore 64d Commodore 64e Commodore Vic20 Commodore Vic20b Creativision Creativisionb Daphne Daphne2 Daphne22 Daphne4 Dice Diceb DosBox DosBoxb Enterprise Enterpriseb Enterprisec Famicom and disk Famicom Disk System Famicom Disk System2 Famicom Fight Fight3 Fightx Final Burn Alpha B Final Burn Alpha FM Towns FM Townsb Frets On Fire Frets On Fireb Frets On firec GamesForWindows GamesForWindows2 GamesForWindows3 GamesForWindows5 GunGames GunGamesb Magnavox Odyssey 2 Magnavox Odyssey 2b Main Menu Wheel Pack - Tristeele (20140910).zip Mameb Mamec Mamee MamePSX MamePSXb MisfitMame MisfitMAME2 Movies MSX Palcom Laserdisc MSX MSX2 MSX2b MSXb MUGEN Neo Geo AES Neo Geo AESb Neo Geo CD Neo Geo CDb Nintendo DS Nintendo DSb Nintendo DSc Nintendo Satellaview Nintendo Satellaviewb Nintendo Wii Nintendo WII2 Nintendo Wii3 Nintendo Wii4 Nuon Nuonb OpenBOR OpenBORb OpenBORc OpenBORd Party Games PC Engine PC Engineb PCFX PCFXb Philips CDI Philips CDIb ScummVM ScummVMb Sega Dreamcast 2 Sega Dreamcast Sega Dreamcast3 Sega Dreamcast4 Sega Genesis Sega Genesisb Sega Naomi Sega SG-1000 Sega SG-1000b Sega ST-V SHMUP Showbiz Pizza Place Sony Playstation 2 Sony Playstation 2b Sony Playstation 2c Sony Playstation 2d Sony Playstation Sony Playstation3 Sony PlaystationB Spotify Starcade Super Famicom Super Famicomb Super Famicomc SuperGrafx SuperGrafxb Taito Type X Vectrex Virtual Boya Virtual Boyb Virtual Boyc Virtual Boyd Wonderswan Color Wonderswan Colorb Wonderswan ColorC Zinc Zinc2 ZX Spectrum 2 ZX Spectrum



  2. Coming Soon - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    49 Coming Soon Main Menu Wheels



  3. Framed (4:3) - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    Optimized for a 4:3 Display
    149 - Main Menu Wheels
    73 - Genre Wheels
    7 - Classics Wheels



  4. Framed (16:9ST) - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    Optimized for a 16:9 display
    143 - Main Menu Wheels
    73 - Genre Wheels
    7 - Classics Wheels



  5. Framed (16:10ST) - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    Optimized for a 16:10 display
    142 - Main Menu Wheels
    73 - Genre Wheels
    7 - Classics Wheels



  6. Red - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    Includes 88 Main Menu Wheels



  7. Multi Color (16:9ST) - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    Multi Color - Main Menu Wheel Pack



  8. Eddie Kustom - Main Menu Wheel Pack

    KUSTOM Main Menu Wheel Packs for 139 systems.
    Nothing special just tidy looking



  9. Main Wheel Pack - Multi-Category

    Use this wheel pack to organize games into easy-to-find cateogries.  There are images for individual regions, prototypes/unreleased games, patched games (games with cheat codes preloaded), and more.



  10. Gun Games Main Menu Wheel

    Here is a "Gun Games" menu icon that I put together. It matches the framed wheel set by Crylen.



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