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  1. Black Hazor

    Black Hazor

  2. Mattel Intellivision Wheelset View File Somehow this set wasnt in the DL section so thats why I upload it now All Credits go to the original creators Submitter Black Hazor Submitted 06/13/2017 Category Wheel Packs HyperBase Version Media Dimensions File Count Credits  
  3. 854 downloads

    521 Mega Drive 3D boxes see this thread thanks to the creators
  4. pls remove the "TM" in it also i allready did one over here:http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11362-main-menu-wheels-bordered-crylen-style-43-genre-wheels/
  5. i did it in a system.ini...here it is m [exe info] path= rompath= userompath= exe= romextension= parameters= searchsubfolders= pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=false [themes] use_parent_vids=true use_parent_themes=true animate_out_default=false reload_backgrounds=false [wheel] alpha=0 small_alpha=1 style=normal speed=high pin_center_width=500 horz_wheel_y=512 vert_wheel_position=right y_rotation=center norm_large=360 norm_small=230 vert_large=400 vert_small=240 pin_large=500 pin_small=200 horz_large=240 horz_small=150 letter_wheel_x=800 letter_wheel_y=384 text_width=700 text_font=Style4 small_text_width=260 large_text_width=400 text_stroke_size=6 text_stroke_color=0x000000 text_color1=0x00BFFD text_color2=0xFFFFFF text_color3=0x00BFFD color_ratio=139 shadow_distance=0 shadow_angle=45 shadow_color=0x000000 shadow_alpha=1 shadow_blur=0 [pointer] animated=true x=975 y=384 [video defaults] path=H:\Hyperspin\Media\Sega Dreamcast\Video\ [sounds] game_sounds=false wheel_click=true [navigation] game_jump=50 use_indexes=false jump_timer=400 remove_info_wheel=true remove_info_text=true use_last_game=true last_game=BANG! Gunship Elite (USA) random_game=false start_on_favorites=false [Special Art A] default=false active=true x=512 y=384 in=0.4 out=0.4 length=3 delay=0.1 type=normal start=none [Special Art B] default=false active=true x=200 y=0 <---------------here i took ur x and y coords in=1 out=1 length=3 delay=3 type=fade start=none [Special Art C] active=true x=974 y=15 in=0 out=0 length=3 delay=0 type=fade start=none [Game Text] game_text_active=true show_year=true show_manf=true show_description=true text_color1=0xF3FF00 text_color2=0xFF7300 stroke_color=0x000000 text_font=Style4 text1_textsize=20 text1_strokesize=7 text1_x=40 text1_y=670 text2_textsize=32 text2_strokesize=7 text2_x=40 text2_y=695
  6. I tried it with SpecialA and B but cant get them working, dk what im doing wrong
  7. they dont show at all in hs but look fine in Flash - dont know why that is? For me: I "just" need the 360 buttons as shown in this picture with "cycle game" and "hypersearch"
  8. Really nice thanks potts43. Looking for these for some days now! PS: could u pls add in the "Cycle Games" and "Hypersearch" buttons (as u see here) would really appriciate it. Also could u do them all on there own so without cycling? PSS: Adobe Flash Player 17 is showing them as intended - with working cycling
  9. these i have too, but "hypersearch" and "cycle games" is missing...
  10. Do u have them on there own mate? searching for them for over a week now...
  11. ist ja auch richtig bei uns paar aktiven leuten. denke mir würden sie ggf noch das ein oder andere recht geben (habe mittlerweile jede menge "Offizielle" kennengelernt) - aber ein mod sollte eigentlich genügen.
  12. Dann müssen wir es wohl mit Verlinkungen machen
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