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HyperSpin (Android)

4 files

  1. Hyperspin_Android-test.apk

    Before I post this to the Google Play store, I wanted to let you guys test it first.   There are only 2 minor changes.
    1.  Properly sleeps in the background when an emulator is launched (this should help battery and potential lag)
    2.  Changed default path for retroarch.cfg to /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.retroarch/files/retroarch.cfg (was previously /data/data/com.retroarch/retroarch.cfg).   This should unify the config files (when retroarch launched standalone) and make it R/W.    Pointing to /data/data was a hspin app bug.  SORRY!



  2. HFSBox15K-Android-patch.zip

    A few modifications were required to make it work smoothly on Android.
    These changes don't affect the PC functionality so it should work well on both Windows and Android.
    -- added new 'Main Menu_Android.xml' to remove MUGEN and OpenBOR wheels. No emulators have been ported yet.
    -- added Settings_Android folder
    -- fix -- added transition video to media/frontend, Hyperspin on Android needs this
    -- fix -- added English exit images to media/frontend
    -- fix -- replace 0-length SpecialA4.swf file (caused Android Hyperspin to crash)



  3. Settings_Android-10May2015.7z

    Reznnate's settings folder.
    Add additional folder to /Hyperspin/Settings_Android



  4. Sample Android.xml for Hyperspin Android launcher

    Example Android database



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