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  1. I wish the retroarch MAME core was better on Shield, but it's buggy... Am working on SAF support but it will be a few weeks (I think) for an update. I'll post the new beta here when it's ready.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. I do think there is a needed feature in Hyperspin related to SAF URL or whatever. Looking into it...
  3. @pmindemann Yep, arcade is important for me too but mamereloaded is getting a bit old for me so I've been using Retroarch cores. I've been out of the loop for a few years and am not familiar with the current state of Google's constantly changing OS. It looks like Arc Browser has been keeping up with the launching parameters (and it was able to launch Mamereloaded for me). I don't know why it's not working in Hyperspin. I could use some help determining the correct intents and parameters. I'm not sure what else is wrong.
  4. @pmindemann I'm not sure what's wrong with mamereloaded. I was able to get it working standalone but it's not launching from Hyperspin for me either.
  5. Here is an updated beta to test. It fixes all of the known regressions I could find and the crash and performance issues reported so far. HyperspinFE_AndroidR_arm64_beta2.apk
  6. Bug with seeking to letters on the wheel is fixed. Was related to arm32->arm64 bug. Fixed! Bug with slower than expected video playback was due to arm64 config with ffmpeg library. Fixed!
  7. I connected my NAS today and confirmed the new Google/Shield OS version broke the ability for Hyperspin to scan the /storage folder for new paths and hyperspin folders. The fix for USB was to scan device IDs and then build the search path from that. The fix for NAS storage will involve adding the ability to specify the path directly in settings.ini.
  8. I've only been using external USB drives for testing external storage. It is possible YET ANOTHER regression happened with NAS drives and 9.x firmware. I'll look into it... @pmindemann do you have your data folder setup? This hyperspin .apk is only a player. It doesn't offer auto-download of media, themes, etc.
  9. I've been testing as well and have found issues with launching a few standalone emulators -- c64.emu, Redream, and PPSSPP. PPSSPP launches but won't load game. I've also been testing arm64 Retroarch cores and these don't seem to work (for me): freeintv, snesx, flycast, and mupen64plus_next_gles3. I've hit a crash issue with a Cave theme that worked previously. It uses a background.swf causing a crash (and may be raising a 64b issue).
  10. Let me know if you find something in hyperspin changed (possible, but less likely) or if it's related to .ini or those emulators behaving differently. For example, I've noticed emulators that haven't been updated cannot properly browse external media. 😞 Be sure the emulators have permissions giving them access to external storage (in Android TV settings->apps->permissions) In summary.... some of the key changes made for this build of Hyperspin include: 1. both 32b and 64b binaries... meaning that new 64b libraries (ffmpeg) are used as well (on Shield TV pro). 2. updated Android sdk version and life-cycle that addresses launch/return behavior and changes to external storage behavior and permissions 3. a few bug fixes
  11. Let me know if you find issues. As stated above, most issues I'm hitting involve Android's update and impact to emulators and external storage access/permissions, etc.
  12. Okay, I'm going to attach a test build here for the sake of quick feedback. LOTS of things have changed under the hood (including an arm64 binary) so let me know if you run into problems. Almost all the issues I've been hitting (while testing at this point) are related to emulator behavior, issues with my old config/.ini files, etc. Also, this build includes the change suggested by Hyperseeder for better support of the different Retroarch versions. -Reznnate Hyperspin-test-July22.apk
  13. I've been out of the scene for awhile and was wondering if new issues or emulator launch problems have cropped up. Are there patches or workarounds to consider?
  14. I had nearly given up due to the number of Android OS and SDK changes. Fortunately things are moving forward again and an update is looking likely.... soon too. Sorry it's taken so long.
  15. Sorry the app was broken. I'm working on a quick update to fix compatibility. It's been years since I've looked at this so I'm running into various build/env issues and I don't have an ETA. It should be easy but I've already spent more hours than I expected. I'm expecting an update in 2-3 weeks, but that's not a promise since I'm uncertain about the fixes required yet. While I'm at it, I intend to fix the issue raised with Retroarch as well. Cheers!
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