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    • thatman84

      Uploading Content   12/15/2017

      Please Read Before Uploading.... Thank You to everyone that shares their creations in the Upload Here section. There is some outstanding contributions to check out. Some simple things to help people find your content and admins to manage uploads. Post a topic in HyperStudio forum before uploading Upload to the correct Sub Section Use tags Please add details to your Title Good Title: -   World of Warcraft (PC Games) (16:9)
      Bad Title: -   World of Warcraft Aspect Ratio = (16:9), (16:9ST), (4:3)
      System = (Hyperlist Names)
      Details = Main Menu, System Default, +Wheel, Animated BG, Universal Theme.......
        Peace Out Thatman84

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About This File

alright all, I've uploaded all the work done to make main menu changer work for mode 3. Lots of work needed to be done to stream line it and list of updates are below

+You'll find the main menu database folder in it, supports 120 systems and hypersearch on all wheels!
+An updated hyperspeech thanks to boogieman so that siri doesn't yell at you each time you close hyperspin that connection was lost.
+Created 2 alternative gif files for main menu loader.
+Added the wheels I created and themes that were non bakerman related. You can get his category themes from launchbox.
+Updated the randomizer so the intro video only launches on the first launch and it still randomizes the video.
+Finally with all these hyperspins opening and closing the system tray was getting a lot of orphan icons so I got a script to deal with that and upon closing hyperspin, you should only have 1 set of orphan icons which I don't think there is any way around cleaning that up unless you physically run the exe again manually or hover over the system tray