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  1. ninja2bceen

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    In hyperhq do you have the setting reload background checked? You’ll want to have that checked on every system. I think that is what you are describing by a theme freezing on the wheel
  2. Your tutorials are excellent. 

    I am new to hyperspin and rocket launcher but have been able to set up nearly all consoles and pc games Except for games from the windows 10 store. I have Forza 4 and can’t seem to get that loaded onto rocketlauncher/hyperspin. Do you know of any info for this. I suspect it is has to do with the games being a package   

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    2. jivemd


      Thanks. I used this tutuorial for all of my pc games. But it won’t seem to work for games from the windows store?  It gives errors when trying to add the exe file to rocketlauncher. It gives errors if I try to add a shortcut. 

    3. ninja2bceen


      does the game require any sort of prelaunch app to start? If so, when adding the game to the pc module gui, go to the second tab under prelaunch and select that app as well. How do you launch it outside of hyperspin?

    4. jivemd


      Thanks. I did figure it out. The windows store games are loaded as packages rather than discrete exe files. So I made a batch file to load the app that I found in the windows settings and it works fine now.