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    • thatman84

      Uploading Content   12/15/2017

      Please Read Before Uploading.... Thank You to everyone that shares their creations in the Upload Here section. There is some outstanding contributions to check out. Some simple things to help people find your content and admins to manage uploads. Post a topic in HyperStudio forum before uploading Upload to the correct Sub Section Use tags Please add details to your Title Good Title: -   World of Warcraft (PC Games) (16:9)
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About This File

What it does:
- made for Hyperspin, HyperSpin 1.4 beta, Hyperlaunch2, Hyperlaunch3 and RocketLauncher
- System audit : scan your systems, display/manage the medias (wheels, videos, pointers, etc ...) associated to it
- Rom audit : scan your roms, display/manage the medias (wheels, videos, Hyperpause, etc ...) associated to it
- Cleanup of your Hysperspin and Hyperpause folders/files.
- You can also match found files to your roms in Cleanup ! (v1.4.0.7) Check screenshot
- integrated XML editor : with some features like "rom2xml", auto-fill XML entries etc ...
- lets you launch a rom directly from HyperLaunch
- built-in viewer for images/text/pdfs/videos
- drag'n drop to reorder your systems.xml or roms.xml (aka [system].xml)
- provides an easy way to add/delete/open HyperPause medias (creates folder if not existing, in the right place)


You can add medias :
- from a local file in your computer
- from the clipboard
- from a URL (downloads automatically the image - and puts it at the right place)
Etc ...





What's New in Version


  • v1.4.1.2:
  • -small correction when directory had dot in the name (ex: "Tiger Game.com")
  • v1.4.1.1:
  • -various improvements
  • -RomsXML has been re-worked and new features appeared :
  • -->enable/disable roms : with no videos, no themes, no wheels)
  • -->crop XML to enabled roms
  • v1.4.0.7 to v1.4.1.0 :
  • -HyperT00ls now includes a CLEANUP feature !! Check screenshot. Systems & roms cleanup to come later - for the moment, only HyperSpin and HyperPause files are supported
  • - via the CleanUp, you can also correct bad filenames (capitalization issues), and copy/move media files to an exisiting XML entry !
  • -various improvements and bugs correction
  • -correction linked to RocketLauncher path
  • v1.4.0.5 :
  • -drastically improved the Grids rendering speed
  • -speed improvement when using "enable/disable" of roms
  • -changed the way DebugLog is used. Now writes to a file in background, you can load it separately - do not affect rom scanning anymore if used at the same time (means : Speed improvement :)
  • TIP: if you have issues launching HyperT00ls, set manually the value "Debug=True" in config.ini and relaunch HyperT00ls ... HyperT00ls.log should be generated (for better follow up of issues)
  • v1.4.0.4 :
  • -various enhancements in "roms XML" in order to enable/disable roms (HS1.4+ only)
  • -added an option for disabled systems in "Main Menu XML" : you can disable them or delete them from your XML (check option close to "Save" button).
  • v1.4.0.3 :
  • -various corrections on how the tool handles the XMLs (especially with "Enabled" tag if Hyperspin version is 1.4+)
  • v1.4.0.0 :
  • -HyperT00ls now supports HS1.4+ (for Enabling/Disabling Systems & Roms) and RocketLauncher (check the parameters)