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  1. Demul not going to Fullscreen in Hyperspin

    Hi, I have this issue with the nov/2017 version. It works fine with RLUI but it stays in windowed mode and lose focus with HS. I don't use any bezels or whatsoever. I tried editing the .ahk file by adding a command ( KeyUtils.Send("!{Enter}") ), it works, Demul goes to fullscreen with HS (and so, switchs to windowed with RL) but HS stills have the focus. I have to manually catch the focus. edit:problem solved. I have just increased value at line 449 in the .ahk file : TimerUtils.Sleep(1000) to TimerUtils.Sleep(2500), also KeyUtils.Send("!{Enter}") is no longer required for switching to fullscreen.
  2. tancrede987