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  1. Hello Bro the theme of Mame Player's Edge Plus (XM00005P+XMP00004) Multi-Poker (4:3) 1.0.0 is missing thanks for all your Hard work with this Themes

  2. da heisst ja eines alex kidd 2 in miracle world und das 3 heisst alex kid 2 in cursed miracle world soweit ich gesehen habe oder? poste mal die 3d boxen damit ich genau weiss wie sie heissen
  3. hello mikty the are great the only problem that i see that the clear part over the carts are to big open it in Gimp and you will see what i mean now the dimensions not right or have i only alone this problem?
  4. hy the transformers 2 zip is missing two times the flv to download

    1. Publio


      Ok. will post it again

    2. jcm9800


      thanks bro


  5. hello publio thanks for all the themes that you make for the handhelds can you upload jurassic park once more because the theme is missing and the update link zip dont work thanks for all your work with this i love them

    1. Publio


      Uploaded. Try it now

    2. jcm9800


      thanks bro now its working 👍

  6. congratulations aorin
  7. fire 10 can you pm the link to the full set of currently made games too?
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Guys this is a complete Famicom Disk System Cartridge Pack most of them from the Pack is from Dubbloseven i have only added the missing ones and the cartridges the have no sticker on it. i hope you enjoy it and have fun
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Guys I have uploaded my complete Famicom Disk System Box Set here. i started with this Project as i see the damned have updated the Videos and the are complete now. first i only search for the missing ones that we not have in the other Famicom Box set from dubbloseven here. but then i see that most of the have really poor quality and i began to redone most of the Boxes we have to. i hope you enjoy it and have fun
  10. Hi JCM, I'm trying to find the videos on the FTP, are they still available?

  11. really coool metalzoic i love the goblins series too if i want to set it up all i need is in the ftp? coool i will update my ghost and demons and spend some money to the guy hope he make another one of this games
  12. it would be great if you can post a link with all your compiled games Utfalcon
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