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  1. gigapig promoted to forum moderator

    Well deserved
  2. RANDR's bartop

    Some mame games are manual but controls.ini takes care of most. As for other emulators they are done manually either per system as default or per title
  3. Hello from BadBoyBill

    This is good news
  4. Farther away you are better it lines up. I stay around 7 feet away and lines up perfectly
  5. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Any progress to report?
  6. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Yes official wii u will work with dolphin bar
  7. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Good grief are those nice looking knock offs! Well I bet that's why he's having so many problems
  8. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Are you certain you flashed dolphin bar with correct new firmware? I know it's frustrating but you will get it working I have no doubt
  9. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Those look like correct ones to me...while older non motion plus should work just fine
  10. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Try different USB port? Non 3.0?
  11. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Need nunchuck for running in Mario Galaxy. Yes should be on 4 for wii mote emulation for dolphin
  12. DOLPHIN on Hyperspin - question

    Chinese knock offs will not work. Use Nintendo brand only
  13. wii remote pairing

    Look into a dolphin bar. I think that's the best option
  14. RANDR's bartop

    Yes very similar for sure.
  15. RANDR's bartop

    Not sure about arcade party but I did see lots of pictures while picking a design. I do know I "use" wee-Cade design for others. If the blue one is based of yours I hope your ok with it