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  1. Atari LYNX Bezels

    Here is a little project that I started to work on tonight for my Atari LYNX setup. I am creating individual bezels for each game.
  2. Elgato Stream Deck

    Just a FYI announcement! I purchased the Elgato Stream Deck and it is an awesome device however those looking to use it in conjuction with MAME well .... it does not work with MAME! Really sucks as I was really hopoing that I could use it with HyperSpin and MAME by creating custom icons for buttons like Insert Coin or Player One ect ect well for whatever reason the Elgato Stream Deck will not send hotkeys when MAME is running. Outside of MAME it works perfectly so maybe at some point they will fix that but not currently. So if your looking to use it within MAME I can't recommend purchasing it. I have seen it works in games but have not tested with any yet so I can't verify that but as far as MAME goes it's a dissapointment. It does work for controlling HyperSpin. I have not tested it in any emulators yet other than MAME but I will keep you guys posted on which ones it does and if they ever fix the MAME issue.
  3. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Tapatalk is broken now since updating the website as the forums no longer work with tapatalk.
  4. Krakerman

  5. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    hmmm I am on tapatalk and no see..my phone been acting up lately. when I click on anyones @ says error with forums. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Is it me or is the update link missing? haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Just sending ya a reminder 0.187 is out if you are planning of compiling new version.



  8. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    [emoji294]️[emoji294]️[emoji294]️[emoji294]️[emoji294]️[emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. HyperUpdate HyperSpin News

    Very Nice! Good Job.
  10. Launch Before and After

    The ability to launch an application (with or without command lines) before and after launching added to the HyperlaunchHQ for each emulator.
  11. HLSL settings for MAME .180

    Agree glsl way easier. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. HyperBase and FTP offline

    Thanks for letting us know at least. Panic goes widespread when noone can get in haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Yeah that makes sense Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Maybe have your settings for what bezels to use incorrect in RLUI. You have it set to use MAME or RL bezels? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Sony Playstation 3D Box Set

  16. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    One issue I found with converting artwork to swf is that some of HyperTheme's animations don't work with swf's correctly. I wanted to use pixelate but when you run the theme that artwork layer will just fade in and not pixelate in. Kinda sucks because I haven't found a way to convert swf to png without losing any of the smoothness of the image.
  17. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    The theme is now available in the downloads! Make sure you you put your box art in the Artwork2 folder and the cart art in the Artwork4 folder as well as resizing it for 1920x1080 display so you will need to resize them for them to display correctly. Enjoy!
  18. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    I am working on my finishing touches and additions to this and should have something ready soon.
  19. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    Atari Joypad Similar to an NES controller, this Atari-made gamepad was the pack-in for the 7800 when it was sold in Europe. Although rare in the US, they are not hard to find in Europe. However, they were sold separately in very small quantities in their own box, and this is very hard to find. Most pics I find of the Atari 7800 console I have on this theme is with that one. I have the one you mentioned thou.
  20. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    Yes I convert my artwork to swf so that it smooths out all the edges. I have seen some swf to png without loss of quality programs out there but haven't tried any of them yet. The box art and cart art I had to use Fotosizer on to shrink them down to display correctly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    Fixed it!! Guess if you have themes wait for special checked in HyperHQ then what I mentioned above happens. Now everything displays correctly.
  22. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    [Deleted] Issue fixed.
  23. Atari 7800 System Default theme anyone?

    Working on one currently. Having a small hiccup and not sure yet on what is going on thou. When I go into the Atari 7800 wheels it HyperSpin will display whatever the wheel is currently on boxart and cart art however if you scroll the wheel the Video, Box and Cart art disappears and will no longer display??? Very strange. Until I get this fixed I won't be releasing this but here is what it looks like so far. This is a 1920x1080 (16:9) theme.
  24. Anime Studio SWF files

    They will you need to make sure to set the width and height to 1024x768 in SWF Quicker also in the Publish settings make sure you have it set to Flash Player 10 and ActionScript 3.0 (NOT ActionScript 2.0) very important or it will not play in HyperSpin.