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  1. UPDATE The new Nintendo Famicom Disk System set is up. In case nobody noticed, the old videos had really messed up audio where the sound would skip between speakers after a few seconds. So I not only redid all the old vids, I also did all the games to match the latest db I had made here a while back after testing the entire system library. Not sure if it was ever made official or not but you can find the set up in my Google Drive folder if needed. I'll post the db here too. Nintendo Famicom Disk System - 209 vids Nintendo Famicom Disk System.xml
  2. MAJOR UPDATE Hi again, sorry I never update this topic. I don't really come here anymore. I'd say this constitutes another big update announcement. Since last posting here, I've redone the entire Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, Nintendo Game Boy and Nintendo Game Boy Color sets. All now are sharp, clean and smooth 60fps clips. There will be more to come as I've also recently finished Famicom Disk System and I'm working through the huge Game Boy Advance set now. I'm not going to list the amount of vids I did as I don't remember lol So just hop on Hypersync or Emumovies FTP, and grab all the new sets! I've also done all the latest Eng translated roms too for various systems. So check for the following: Sega Master System Sega Game Gear Nintendo Game Boy Nintendo Game Boy Color
  3. BIG UPDATE Forgot to update this topic. I finally finished my long winter project a week or so ago. You can now grab a brand new Sega Genesis set! There were only about 10 games I didn't have to do. The rest of the old blurry 30fps clips have been replaced. Also a bunch of redone N64 vids too. Sega Genesis - 993 vids Nintendo 64 - 102 vids
  4. Oops, looks like Circo didn't upload the new 5200 vids yet. These are still the ones with the scanlines. I'll post again when the proper vids are put up.
  5. UPDATE More vids have been processed and uploaded. Plenty more to come too. This includes the new 5200 vids too without the scanlines that I finished the other day. Also includes a new Atari 7800 set and menu vid. So grab everything you need and don't forget the new main menu videos. Bandai Wonderswan Color - Main menu Atari 5200 - Main menu Atari 7800 - 61 vids + Main menu Nintendo DS - 121 vids
  6. Shaders fall into the same category as filtering, not to be used when recording videos. GB vids are recorded in black and white because that is the raw default setup for GB. If you want to make the vids appear like the original GB screen, you can simply use a theme with a green video overlay or add one yourself. The unified widescreen theme for example has the overlay applied though the hue needs to be tweaked. You can find it on ftp still I believe.
  7. UPDATE Another system redo is now done and uploaded. I'm sure most people overlooked it as all the games are Japanese but the old vids all had terrible audio. The main menu vid will be uploaded whenever Circo gets to it. For now, go grab the HQ vids. Bandai Wonderswan Color - 91 Vids
  8. Videos should always be unfiltered. Meaning no special scalng fx, scanlines or anything. Basically as accurate as possible is how we like them. I usually always do clean vids but messed up here. Never noticed the frame skipping but the GBC vids do need to be redone as they're old, blurry and only 30fps. Game Boy needs doing too. I use RetroArch with Gambatte core for Game Boy systems though so that's what I'll record with, as it also has color correction built in.
  9. Okay, forget what I said above. I'm going to redo this whole 5200 set yet again. lol can't believe I'm doing this, really not a fan of this system and the stupid numeric pad games. But I can't just leave the vids with scanlines, that wouldn't be right.
  10. I hope this isn't an issue with others but Circo alerted me to something with all these 5200 vids I did. You may notice some slight lines that I overlooked the whole time I was recording them. Well I found the cause. This stupid Atari800 emulator has scanlines enabled by default, buried in the clunky menu. It was on a very low setting but still enabled. I had no idea. Well there's no way I'm redoing the entire set plus the main menu vid again. So I hope everyone can live with some faint scanlines in the 5200 vids. Sorry.
  11. lol I only do Emumovies vids now, takes up so much free time and there's so much left to do. So I can't really work on Hyperspin stuff like I used to. I haven't even tried out Citra yet. I'm still working on Nintendo DS and there's still about 530 vids to go. So it'll be a while as I'm first trying to redo all the old low quality 30fps vids we have. Obviously I can't redo like all the MAME vids though as there are just too damn many and it'd take years. But I can do all these smaller sets.
  12. UPDATE Redid the Atari 5200 set including all the games to match the latest db. I've actually been redoing a bunch of sets so we'll have new clean 60fps vids to replace all the old low quality 30fps ones. I've already finished a few systems and yes the main menu vids too! That includes NES, Famicom Disk System and Bandai Wonderswan Color. Almost done with Atari 7800 now. You'll have to wait until Circo has time to process and upload all these though. Atari 5200 - 91 Vids
  13. UPDATE Just a heads up: Circo is now getting around to processing the rest of the vids I submitted a while back. A lot of random gaps being filled in for various systems, would be easier if you just checked the Update section of the forums at Emumovies. Also we now finally have some Atari ST vids! I did #-A which doesn't sound like much but that system is a total pain to record. I'll get back to it eventually after I finish a few other setups. Atari ST - 184 Vids
  14. UPDATE Hey everyone. Haven't been around for months. Sorry, I don't really work on Hyperspin stuff anymore. Just vids for Emumovies. Speaking of which, I saw that Circo got around to uploading something great I finished a while back. So be sure to hop on FTP or Hypersync and grab them. Happy new years all. NEC PC Engine -- entire new HQ set! Nintendo DS -- 222 vids
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