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    Any chance of having another round ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? I'm sure lot's of people are busy, so may not be a good time.
  2. Yeah, it's feeling that way. Seems like some people are pretty busy so hopefully that's all it is and it will pick back up. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know. I definitely want to keep this going and I really appreciate what you do to run it!
  3. The physics of this game are maddening. Sometimes it's 50/50 on whether your not you're going to survive a jump. Anyone else out there?
  4. Hahahaha. I hope you put me in the 2nd place slot because of my "1st place for a short while" comment, that's hilarious.
  5. At least I can be in first place for a short while...
  6. If controls not working is your issue, I had the same problem. The controls for this one used a trackball in the center with the joystick acting as the "zapper". So you are supposed to move around the spaceship with the trackball and move your joystick in the direction you want to "zap". I fixed it by opening the game in MAME and pressing tab to open the game-specific controls. Mine was setup originally to use E,S,D,F for Up,Left,Down,Right respectively. Once I made the changes to the controls I was good to go. Hope this helps!
  7. Anyone able to help with settings? I can move him around with my trackball, but can't figure out how to make him fire.
  8. Last run before I'm away from the arcade for most of next week. Can't see getting anywhere near 1st and 2nd place though. Impressive @Accorsi and @cataclysm67!
  9. That could be. I'll check that out when I get home. Thanks @gigapig!
  10. Anyone else having issues with Rainbow Island saving High Scores? My high scores are working on all of my other MAME roms, but this ones not creating the file in my hiscores folder for some reason. I can take it to the forums if I need to, just figured I'd see if everyone is in the same boat or if it's something on my end.