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  1. I feel embarrassed even posting this after those scores. Nice job guys. Just got back in town today, so this is all I've got for this round...
  2. So I may have broken down and brought a drive for me to play from my work computer...made the plane ride that much more tolerable.
  3. Out of town for a week, so thought I'd leave on top...just...couldn't...do it.
  4. Incremental improvement...I'm never catching up to 50,000+
  5. Nice!! Thanks Avar! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    Yeah! That's the same video I based mine off of (credited in the beginning of my post). Yours turned out great! I really like the control panel design and layout you went with. Nice work!
  7. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    I don't think the images will embed correctly in Tapatalk. Can you re-upload the image? Now I have to see my twin!
  8. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    Thanks @wallmachine! The control panel is ~45 3/4" wide. Too wide to add pinball controls on the sides of the panel, but I just use the 7th button on P1 and P2 controls.
  9. Neffcade Vol. 2 Build

    Thanks @Kondorito!