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  1. We know how it goes. No worries. Looking forward to going up against you in the first one of 2018!
  2. @Lucky1 I know you might be doing a theme. My wife made me a wheel this afternoon. Pretty basic, but fits so help yourselves! I'm keeping this one on my cab so wanted to have something more permanent. I'll definitely use a theme if you make one!
  3. I've got to call it. This is such a tough one. Only made it to the ice level twice. That 3rd level just makes me feel like I've never played a game before. 24,000 is as good as I could get. Nice work @Lucky1!
  4. I've got it mapped through the joy file that came with the dk advance download. Works fine in my hyper spin setup that way.
  5. It's going to be complete luck whenever I finally get beyond the 3rd level. 17,000 but I'll be back!
  6. Anything picked for the next round yet? How about Home Alone for SNES or Genesis while we're in the holiday spirit?
  7. HyperScore SNES Poll

    Other options would be racing games. Best lap times, etc. Like Mario Kart or F-Zero, though that may not be as fun. But if SNES is holding up the show, I vote we just go back to MAME or something easier to pick a game for.
  8. HyperScore SNES Poll

    That's a good reason to be busy! Looking forward to the next round.
  9. HyperScore SNES Poll

    I second Donkey Kong Country Competition Edition

    Any chance of having another round ready for the Thanksgiving holiday? I'm sure lot's of people are busy, so may not be a good time.