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  1. Win10 update = hyperspin.exe not loading

    Thanks Mr. Gigapig. I'm still at version 1.4 Do I need the full package 1.5.1 or or just the upgrade file in that case?
  2. Hi Major win 10 update yesterday. Double clicking the hyperspin.exe shows a 3 sec cursor loading circle and then nothing. Hyperspin's not running either in the task manager. No antivirus or firewall installed beside windows defender.
  3. LOL, the 3rd level is mostly luck. The game hasn't gone through testing and the learning curve is not friendly at all. That's why it's called "Advanced". 24K, that's very good!
  4. Thanks to your wife btw. I'll add it to my PC wheel!
  5. I wish I did, I might try to do a theme for the game. Here's the page: -----> Download Page <----- https://ophelius.itch.io/dk-advanced
  6. I have managed to point press in the barrel board. Rivet board is crazy...ICE Great game, very challenging
  7. Oh yeah, Level 3, the barrels are all over the place. At least you can fall and not die, not like Original jumpman. I must be doing something wrong cause RL won't load xpadder or joytotext profile. I will try it on my desktop setup tonight to see if i have the same problem. Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  8. A Merry Christmas to all 2017

    Merry xmas from Canada. Didn't get a retro game t-shirt but 15 cm of fresh snow. Envoyé de mon SM-T230NU en utilisant Tapatalk
  9. This Game is brought to you by Lucky1 1st: Lucky1 - 29700 2nd: borntohula - 24000 3rd: Deathstalkre - 9500 4th: Kaydee - 5500 5th: 6th: 7th: 8th: 9th: 10th:
  10. TOP 3 FINAL SCORES 1st: Lucky1 2nd: borntohula 3rd: Deathstalkre <<<<LAST HYPERSCORE OF 2017 >>>> HyperScore Challenge #65 game is.... DK ADVANCED -----> Download Page <----- Deadline for this competition: JAN 7th, 2018, 6 PM CST http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cst A remake of the classic arcade game. This is not a rom hack. It's meant to be more difficult than the original giving players new levels and new challenges. I've tried to study the original as close as I can to maintain the same feel, but added new elements and challenges. Even though it can be played on your PC, it's meant to be played in people's mame arcade cabinets. The Zip file contains the Stand alone game, (DK.exe) Also, DKConfig.exe will let you configure the mapping and the fullscreen. Don't forget to "Save and exit" And it Saves your high Score! Rules: 1) How you place in the top 10 will net you points towards being the 2017 HyperScore Gamer of the Year! 2) New challengers will get a chance to pick a game in the next poll 3) Please use the correct rom for the competition. It is listed on the top of this post after the game name. Parent roms will usually be selected for convenience. For console games, you are free to use any official rom dump (no hacks, homebrew, etc.) 4) Use only 1 credit. There are no continues, and once you get a game over you must start over from scratch. Console games will consist of one "set of lives" or playing until you get your first "game over". Please make sure to read the thread for each individual competition in case there are any special rules needed! 5) You must submit a screen shot or photo of your high score in a post here. MAME's default screenshot key is F12, which can be changed to any other key you like in its settings. Photos from a camera/phone are fine too. You may submit a high score as many times as you wish. Your highest personal score will be the final score submitted. Only scores you achieved during the competition count (no high scores from last year, etc.!). 6) NO... -save states -hacks-autofire / turbo/ slow mo -excessive pausing -game genie -voodoo dolling -cheating of ANY kind (on your honor). 7) No special dip switch settings. Please use all default settings for these. If you've never touched them or have no idea what they are, you are good to go! To make sure you are on default if you are unsure, delete the rom's INI, NVRAM, and CFG files inside MAME folders to be certain. For console games, please leave everything on default settings unless otherwise noted in the challenge's thread. 8) Highest score wins. In case of a tie, first submitter wins. 9) Deadline is approximately TWO WEEKS from the start of the competition! This should give people more time to participate and rack up their scores! Please post your score before the end date and time! This will be enforced, so please, no late entries. Please note the timezone I am using is CST http://www.timeanddate.com/time/zones/cst . This time zone will be used the entire year!\ 10) Have fun!
  11. With luck, I finnaly got the 3 red balloon, 1 green and 1 blue (hidden) in level 1. The blue balloon really boosts the points up. I found a banana stash in the water level, that helped too. At first, I wasn't much into this game, but it got exciting at the end. Thank you all for playing. I will put up the LAST Hyperscore of the year... of the season....soon Merry Xmas Joyeux Noël
  12. 2840 Now, I'm late for a diner with friends 30 minutes left!!!