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  1. HI gigapig i guess the hypersyncloud is still down at the momunt

  2. gigapig

    Sling 2?

    The banner is still there and the server is still down.
  3. gigapig

    Sling 2?

    If you see the message then it's not finished.
  4. If using Retroarch load up a game, go into the quick menu>options and then unselect Boot to bios.
  5. I have also had this issue and I'm pretty sure it was a setting in Retroarch for that core which wasn't immediately obvious. Not sure if my current gpu can run Retroarch but I will look if it runs.
  6. Hello Hyperspinners I am very glad to announce that we have had a new moderator join the ranks of our quiet community, you may have seen him around and he is @Spawk! 🎉✨ Spawk has been with us for 9 years and is always helping people out and a great contributor to our community. Our good friend Aorin contacted me with the suggestion and I wholeheartedly agreed, so thank you Aorin. Cheers giga
  7. I can confirm it does open with version EDIT: However HyperHQ does not.
  8. Please continue to use Hypersync as the HyperAi beta is closed.
  9. It looks great and you did well building it so quick. What is the stick to the right in you picture?
  10. I've recently had the 2004 update and added the dll but Hyperspin does not start.
  11. Unfortunately it does not, that is far too niche and would require the Dolphin bar.
  12. It should be fine with those systems but better if you can add a cheap gpu. My cab has a 660ti which is fine for gamecube and Dreamcast etc.
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