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  1. gigapig

    ahk error/timing

    It may time out if it doesn't detect the correct version of Dolphin. Have you checked the Rocketlauncher site for Dolphin threads? Sometimes Dolphin is updated which then breaks the module.
  2. Does the DK bezel have an ini file and is it correct?
  3. It really is great to see so many old faces popping up here. Long live the Hyperspin 2.0 threads. 😛
  4. Did you try out the 62 system build in the downloads section?
  5. I'm from the UK but bought my spinner from Groovy Game Gear. https://groovygamegear.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=268 What about Ebay?
  6. gigapig


    Not really broken, more a bit not used anymore. Use the download section instead.
  7. Happy New year guys! I hope 2019 is awesome for you all and I hope we see some new developments this year. Can't believe it's my 10th year. 😲
  8. The control configs can be added to RLUI (see the module notes) and then RL will load them when you start a game. This may be why they are being wiped? You can set the Demul config to read only so it doesn't get wiped. If using an Xbox 360 controller, we have config files in our download section.
  9. Would you pay $50 a month? I can't say I would, but if you have it spare One time only.
  10. Did you check our platinum members section? https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/1211-emumovies-code/
  11. Did you install the version into an empty folder?
  12. You will need to send me a support ticket with all the email address you may have used and I will see if I can find it. I think the site software should have flagged multiple accounts from your IP.
  13. You need to be a platinum member.
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