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  1. Please continue to use Hypersync as the HyperAi beta is closed.
  2. It looks great and you did well building it so quick. What is the stick to the right in you picture?
  3. I've recently had the 2004 update and added the dll but Hyperspin does not start.
  4. Unfortunately it does not, that is far too niche and would require the Dolphin bar.
  5. It should be fine with those systems but better if you can add a cheap gpu. My cab has a 660ti which is fine for gamecube and Dreamcast etc.
  6. It's not OpenBor but very similar but it may help.
  7. Yeah that has confused a number of people. Might need an edit.
  8. Copy the dll to the HS root. https://hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/21571-win-10-2004-hyperspin-fix-not-official-but-confirmed/
  9. That link is from 2018 so nothing to do with this recent Windows update. First confirm you have the recent Windows update, so look at your Windows version which maybe be 2004. If it is copy the dll file in the download I linked to and put it in the root of your Hyperspin folder.
  10. Could it be your new install of Windows 10 has the new 2004 update? If so you need this.
  11. I haven't checked but have been told that sync is working again.
  12. It's been working fine for a number of weeks now its just been done again these few days. I checked the ftp and that's OK. Devs have been informed.
  13. Fire up a game via Rocketlaucher if that is launching mame. Set all your controls under general after hitting tab. You can also set trackballs and spinners etc as well. Once done close the game and find the default.cfg file found in the cfg folder. Copy the file and paste it into the ctrlr folder. Open folder and rename the default file to something familiar to you like 'taz101 controls'. Now head to you mame ini folder and open the mame ini or vertical or horizont or maybe all 3 if you have them. You probably just have mame.ini though. Once the ini is open look for 'core input options. Find ctrlr and put in quotes the name of your ctrlr file e.g. ctrlr "taz101 controls" Save it. That should be it but please refer to the other guide as well because this is off the top of my head.
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