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  1. koytoyroy

  2. Demul Module Sega Hikaru

    Hello guys. I have installed Sega Hikaru platform and try to launch from RL. Outside RL everything works great with latest Demul 0.7 . But when I try to load inside RL the this msg appears Is there a problem with Demul 0.7 module ??? PS The same thing happens with Demul 0.58 !!!!
  3. Hyperspin Movies

    noone can share his module?
  4. Hyperspin Movies

    your module does not contain a close process section. any help? if someone can send his module? thank you!!!
  5. My Makaron noob to noob tutorial

    Maybe i miss something but.. Everything works fine out of hyperspin.When im tryin to load a dat or bin from RL then asks for an NVRAM file for each game. Any solution? Thank you