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  1. Well all updated and seems to be running like a champ. Thanks to everyone responsible for building this and to Ninja for giving me a bit of instruction
  2. Animated wheel art... sounds like an entire rabbit hole I could fall down into.
  3. So it looks like the latest MS Win 10 update made it all work again... Is there any reason i should still download this new exe? Ninja are you absolutely sure it's a simple replace exe and won't perma-f anything up if i do?
  4. I've been gone for a long time. Looks like I need to update HS...
  5. Interesting. I'm running back on set... I don't even know. .65 maybe? I'll check and see how it is there.
  6. Thanks, glad it helped. Ultimate MK3 is it's own game and I thought that it was its own parent. If not then we can add it. I'm not running the latest MAME so someone will need to double check it for me in the latest version. I'm not familiar with the FBA situation you're talking about so you'll need to break it down for me.
  7. Hey @moff Just went to do this and I'm seeing it differently than you. First I show the Parent as World version 3 which seems to already be the 3 button version you mentioned. The US, Version 2 and Japan, Version 2 are the clones on mine. So from what I can tell the US, Version 2 is the one that needs to be uncloned to get the 6-button version. Can anyone else check their MAME to see which are parents/clones of Shadow Force please? Should be Shadfrce, Shadfrcej, Shadfrceu
  8. Ah. A couple things I forgot. 1. You'll want to use Notepad ++ to edit XMLs (if you aren't already). That way you can easily search for entries, make changes and keep formating. Normal notepad will screw this all up. 2. If you use Genres and/or individual Manufacturer Wheels those XMLs will also need to be updated. So for example you unclone a beat-em-up in the main MAME.xml, now you also need to unclone (or copy paste the fixed entry) into the Beat-Em-Up genre xml too. And if it was a Technos game and you have a Technos wheel it needs to be done there in both spots as well. 3. Rocketlauncher shares artwork from parent to clones, but now that a game is un-cloned you may need to copy/paste and rename the artwork/media for the game. So for the above game you may need to make renamed copies of: Theme, wheel art, video snap, bezels etc...
  9. Yes split is what you want for HS in general so you're all set. I'm not sure I understand your question though... To add these into your database you just add them in. You can either: -just go through your XML manually and un-clone each one you want. -or just use the already fixed list I provided and simply copy/paste them. Don't just paste them in bulk into your XML though as it is alphabetized. Find a game in your XML, then copy over it with my fixed XML entry. Repeat until finished. -or merge my list into your list with a merge tool such as Dons Tools (if that even still works anymore). Just remember to keep a backup of your original XML in case you screw it up. Then no worries.
  10. Good to know thanks. I'll check it out and probably add it to the list... tomorrow maybe.
  11. Nice app, but it seems like using it would take just as much time as just doing CTRL-Find for each game on the clone list and uncloning it. Probably longer since you'd need to double check that it got them all. Or are you guys actually using the app to do something else?
  12. Not sure what you mean. I just copy the media I need, immediately paste it back in, then rename it to match the clone. Do that for all media that needs it. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  13. It's still showing the 4 player parents because they're the parents. I don't hide parents. You do t rename your media, you copy/paste the media and rename just the copies. And yes, once you have the base xml exactly how you want it,then you use Don's to split it into MF Wheels. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
  14. My mistake then. I thought a merged set couldn't filter at all. Good to know. And yes these xmls will work, but any roms with different names from your actual MAME/rom set won't. Which is why you generally want to use matched versions for everything. Sent from my SM-G935V
  15. The XMLs themselves were just extras we were asked for and not what the thread is about so I didn't put any in the first posts. To answer your questions: the XMLs include all Parents and all Clones and all Un-cloned Clones from this thread (minus the crap). So to hide the normal Clones you would set HyperSpin to Parents only in HyperHQ. However, I believe you need the split-set of roms to use filters which is why only split-sets are recommended to be used. if you're using a merged set of roms it has no way of knowing what's what to show Parents only. Also if you wanted to use an XML in here, you would have to be sure it also matches your version of MAME and Roms. So for example none of these are for 183 or 184 and you wouldn't want to use them, better to make another following what we did I'd think. If you are updating then don't update to 183, wait 1 more day and get 184 instead, just make sure you get the split set.
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