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  1. Well all updated and seems to be running like a champ. Thanks to everyone responsible for building this and to Ninja for giving me a bit of instruction
  2. Animated wheel art... sounds like an entire rabbit hole I could fall down into.
  3. So it looks like the latest MS Win 10 update made it all work again... Is there any reason i should still download this new exe? Ninja are you absolutely sure it's a simple replace exe and won't perma-f anything up if i do?
  4. I've been gone for a long time. Looks like I need to update HS...
  5. Interesting. I'm running back on set... I don't even know. .65 maybe? I'll check and see how it is there.
  6. So you're running the Steam version and you're back on version 1.50.10? Not a newer one correct? And you followed Step #3 in the first post? What happens if you uncheck virtual emulator?
  7. Thanks, glad it helped. Ultimate MK3 is it's own game and I thought that it was its own parent. If not then we can add it. I'm not running the latest MAME so someone will need to double check it for me in the latest version. I'm not familiar with the FBA situation you're talking about so you'll need to break it down for me.
  8. They aren't there on accident, I put them in for a reason. Without them RL can't cycle through multiple bezels per-game correctly. Without the duplicates you can't cycle in-game to the next bezel background because there would be no actual 2nd bezel to cycle to. And if you get to the part of the cycle with the bezel turned off (like you did) then there's no way to cycle the bezel back on again. This entire pack is very specifically designed around being unified and having a bunch of different bezels per game that can quickly be flipped through while you're playing. Changing any of it, removing any of it, or renaming any of it can keep it from working. If you want to make your own bezels you should probably follow a more normal format like Griffins or Krakermans. Or go grab the originals that I used with there original naming and original ini files.
  9. Messing with the ini isn't the way to fix them. To proper way to fix them would be to put them into photoshop and re-size/re-work all the art so that it doesn't get cutoff with the game area at full size. You could adjust it as well using the ini with a less than perfect result, but each ini would only be good for any artwork created with exactly the same shape and ratio, with a new ini needed for every bezel and every creator that has it different.
  10. They are from my unified pack. Why they look that way is explained in the instructions in the first post
  11. Very cool work. I might be updating my pack soon. Mind if I add yours into the Mega-Pack (all artwork in my set keeps the creators name)? Yours alone would bump the pack to over 3100 bezels. This pack here:
  12. You just answered your own question. You just spent a lot of time on a single bezel. I converted and put over 2400 bezels in my public pack, coming from over 20 different creators who each made them in different shapes, ratios, game -sizes and designs with no uniformity. So I came up with this way to make them all uniform, at the correct ratio, at full size without having to re-create each one individually one at a time. ( God knows how many hours it still took). The tradeoff is the artwork cutoff. However if you have 600 hours to kill feel free to go through and re-arrange the art of all 2400 bezels in photoshop yourself. That is one way RL bezels are designed to work. A background and a bezel with the game sandwiched between. I just had to come up with a uniform naming convention that worked and could easily be updated with no naming issues or overwrites. This renaming is what creates the structure so you can quickly cycle through all the bezels a game has while playing and also allows me to easily drop new bezels in for a game without having to rename anything and keep it all working. All while adding the bezel border to every single piece of artwork without ever needing to alter the artwork itself. Both Krakerman and Griffin have created big bezel sets that do this, but they still aren't uniform to each other. And Krakerman uses the pixel ratio for many of his instead of the actual monitors aspect ratio. I have most of their awesome work in my set already. Although Krakermans arcade cabinet set isn't because it is its own unique thing.
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