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  1. Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Tried that didnt change anything.
  2. Glitch In my HyperSpin

    Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help me out here. I started my Hyperspin setup back in 2015. Love this frontend but somewhere along the line as my systems grew I picked up a glitch and cant figure it out. I have my arcade cab and then I have a exact copy on my main computer for testing before I push it over to the cab. When I go up and down on either setup it will skip a wheel or 2 sometimes and I need to back up to catch it. I have the arrow keys mapped. Thanks
  3. Arcade 0.200 No Nag



    Here is my compile for Arcade 0.200 No Nag. Make sure you go in and turn the game info settings off per below. Please let me know if everyone would like these to keep coming. Enjoy
  4. MAME 0.200 NO-Nag



    This months current build.
  5. MAME 0.199 NO-Nag

    Version 1.0.0


  6. Just downloaded HS 1.5.1 no HyperHQ?

    Start up HyperHq and goto the Mame wheel and make sure Execution is set to Rocklauncher and then point the path to Rocketlauncher.exe, In the Extensions have zip,7z,chd set and then I have my Full Path enabled that should fix Mame after other systems are pretty close to that setup
  7. MAME 0.198 NO Nag

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is my compile. It does work with the windows 1803 update I have tested it out on multiple machines.
  8. Hello,

    Does your Arcade64 save hi scores or have the plugin option to save hiscores?


  9. your ''no nag'' does have a nag screen...come on man..

  10. Gun Games anyone got a good setup?

    Anyone know where I can purchase the House Of the Dead 1,2,3 for PC? I have been checking sites like Amazon, Steam, etc and never can find it.
  11. Demuel hiding mouse

    not sure how I missed that but thanks that worked perfect
  12. Demuel hiding mouse

    Demuel for sega noami at the moment does it think model 2 also
  13. Demuel hiding mouse

    I am I looked but didn't see anything there
  14. Demuel hiding mouse

    Anyone know how to hide the mouse icon when this emulator runs? Loads and starts right in the center