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  1. It's been a while since I updated my media and looks like Hypersync is not working.
  2. Good to see someone here from the Chicagoland area.
  3. A clean install did the trick for me. But now I'm using BGFX crt-geom-deluxe. 😁
  4. Yes I have a separate ini for vector games. I use Arcade64 once in a while but 99% of the time I use MAME64.
  5. Ok I finally got it working for both HLSL and GLSL. I just did a clean install on MAME and created a new ini. I'm using Lottes CRT shader will try the one you mentioned. Thanks
  6. I set the path to the MAME ini folder in RLUI. Still not working.
  7. Ok I have been away from HS and RL for a while. I was reading this thread but for the life of me I can't get the HLSL working in HS or RL. It works fine when I launch it in MAME. I have the HLSL set to ini in RLUI but still not working. Thanks
  8. Was it as painless as just changing the exe. I'm tempted but have put 100's of hours in getting setup right. Not sure if it's worth the risk... Yup you just replace the exe files. So far no problem. I guess I have to convert my wheel png to swf format for them to work? Any thing else I need or a program?
  9. Ok I just upgraded to the newest HS and I have no idea how to get the wheels to animate. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the no nag MAME64 and Arcade64. Yes please keep them coming.

  11. Has been for a while (MAME 146). Like I said you have to use the cobram3 version or just stick with Daphne.
  12. OK I just downloaded this and logged in no problem. I went back later and now it's telling me its wrong user name/password. How to I get this working again? I'm a platinum member here and a elite member at emumovies. Thanks
  13. Old thread but laser disc cobra command parent doesn't work so you would need to add the clone cobram3.
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