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  1. Microsoft MSX2+ - Database (Official)

    I've corrected the 'manufacturer' meta data to reflect the developer/publisher accurately.  I've also added the following games:

    Dragon Slayer V - Sorcerian (Japan) (Translated En)
    Nyancle Racing (Japan) (Translated En)
    Xak - The Art of Visual Stage (Japan) (Translated En)
    Xak II - Rising of the Redmoon (Japan) (Translated En)
    Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (Japan) (Translated En)

    Also please note there is a game in the database called Ys III - Wanderers from Ys (Japan) (Translated En) (Disk 1) (Alt for Tiger Quarry crash). You will need the Japanese version of the disk for only the Tiger Quarry area, otherwise, the game will crash when you enter. This game isn't actually worth playing if you ask me, as the SNES version and TG16 versions are far superior, but it exists, so it's in the database.
    Changed hyphens to colons in the descriptions.
    Final notes - I realized I didn't follow the existing name scheme of "Disk 1 of 4" and just opted to use "Disk 1" on my new additions. I've already got everything set up on my end, and I am uploading my work as a courtesy - but if this bugs you, by all means, drop by the development thread, and upload a corrected database for others to use.

    Development thread:


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