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RocketBlinky is a 3rd-party tool that can, in a matter of minutes, auto-generate an LEDBlinkyControls.xml supporting over 160 HyperSpin systems. Translation: It takes 99% of the work out of setting up LEDBlinky.


Demo Video:

What's New in Version 1.1.1



- Fixed RocketLauncher Base.xml values

- Added missing Button C to Nintendo Pokemon Mini
- Fixed Epoch Super Cassette Vision problem with Button 2 / Start. The Start function of P1B2 is now spoken and lit separately, for clarity.
- Added vs2_2k, vstrik3, vstrik3c, vstrik3cb to Sega Naomi
- Added Sega Model 3 system including spikeofe, spikeout, vf3, vf3a, vf3tb, vs2, vs215, vs298, vs29815, vs299, vs299a, vs299b, vs2v991
- Added 1943mii, 1945kiii, arabfgt, arabianm, astorm, astorm3, bbmanw, bishi, blzntrnd, brapboys, brutforc, bssoccer, bucky, copsnrob, cyclwarr, ddcrew, ddpdfk, desertbr, dfkbl, dsmbl, dsoccr94, dunkshot, dynablst, esckids, exvania, fball, fixeight, footchmp, fsoccer, gauntdl, gauntleg, hook, hoops96, hyperath, hypbbc2p, hyperbbc, iceclmrd, jdreddp, karatblz, kicknrun, knckhead, kod, kov, kov2, kov2p, kovplus, kovsh, legendoh, sbishi, tekken3, tektagt, nbbatman, ninjak, nflblitz2k, nflblitz99, nslasher, numanath, pasha2, rampart2p, rimrockn, ringrage, rungun, rungun2, rushhero, silentd, sslam, stepchmp, stonebal, swcourt, teamht, theglad, vball, viostorm to MAME
- Fixed 1943kai colors for MAME


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