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mameui64 .176 No Nag .176

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0.176 with no nag patch


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 06288: [interface] UI:: Selecting "Category" after listing "Favorites"
causes exception (Vas Crabb)
- 06291: [interface] (carpolo.c) carpolo: Unable to view recorded video made
with -video bgfx/-window (Jezze)
- 06286: [Misc.] (segaorun.c) shangon: Captured AVI video from this game shows
only sound, no image (Angelo Salese)
- 06263: [interface] UI: Choosing any filter which has no data makes the UI
unrecoverable (Maurizio Petrarota)
- 06280: [interface] PLUGINS: The plugin.ini file is created in the current folder
when it should be created in the "ini" path. (crazyc)
- 06279: [interface] PLUGINS: pluginspath does not resolve $HOME (crazyc)
- 06285: [Gameplay] (vendetta.c) esckids, esckidsj: Slowdowns in gameplay (Osso)
- 06284: [interface] Watchdog dialog is not able to be captured (cuavas)
- 06246: [Graphics] (legionna.c) cupsocsb, cupsocsb2: Black screen (Angelo Salese)
- 06268: [Crash/Freeze] MAME can crash when switching languages (Vas Crabb)
- 06266: [DIP/Input] (seta.c) metafox: Bonus_Life DIPSETTING values and labels are incorrect (Tafoid)
- 06262: [Crash/Freeze] All sets using SHARC drc: Crash when running DRC (Linux only?) (Ville Linde)
- 06305: [Crash/Freeze] (atpci.c) at586, at586x3, ficvt503: Use of -kbd slot options
3270pc or pcat causes crash (crazyc)
- 06304: [Crash/Freeze] (mac.c) macse30: Crash when attempting to use any slot option for -pds030 (Osso)
- 06309: [Crash/Freeze] (mac.c) macsefd: Crash on Exit using -pds slot (Osso)
- 05534: [Crash/Freeze] (pc8001.c) All sets in pc8001.c: Crash after OK (Robbbert)
- 06324: [Crash/Freeze] (funkball.c) funkball: Fatal Error at Start (Osso)
- 06323: [Debugger] (psikyosh.c) gunbird2, s1945iii: Crash when attempting to use -cheat (AJR)
- 06313: [Crash/Freeze] (victor9k.c) Crash when using -fdc:5d:0 and -fdc:5d:1 slot with '525ssqd' option (Pernod)
- 06312: [Crash/Freeze] (osborne1.c) Crash when using -mb8877:0 and -mb8877:1 slot with '525sssd' option (Pernod)
- 06311: [Crash/Freeze] (myb3k.c) Crash when using -fdc:0 and -fdc:1 slot with '525sssd' option (Pernod)
- 06281: [Crash/Freeze] astrocde [280zzap]: 280Zzzap/Dodgem Cartridge Resets (Duke)


Source Changes
-Scorpion4 7segment displays mostly fixed [John Parker]


-Fixed coinage in Touchmaster 2000-8000 [MASH]


-z80scc: fix dropped character problem for sun4_75, and fix edge cases
where datasheet recommendations are ignored allowing sun3/sun4 to
recognise keyboard and hk68v10 to work with correct SCC clock
[Joakim Larsson Edstrom]


-pc9801: fixed mouse buttons [rzero9]


-coco3 improvements: [milliluk]
* improve palettes and support alternate composite mode
* GIME fix for scanlines in legacy graphic modes


-m6809: Improve debugging support for 6809/6309 cpus [milliluk]


-GNU/kFreeBSD support [stevenc99]


-Add arch defines for Linux alpha and mips64el. [Jordi Mallach]


-Take pkg-config path from env if defined [bernhard Frauendienst]


-Name Neo-Geo AES, NeoGeo CD and FM Towns Marty buttons [shideravan]


-Updated *nix man pages. [Cesare Falco]


-poisk1: unbreak after "Memory fun", add B623 sound card (skeleton) [shattered]


-r9751: Add save state support, document progress and clean up, add PROM
version 4.2 [brandon Munger]


-ym2151, ym2413: Isolate, objectify, integrate [O. Galibert]


-add Net-DIMM 3.03 firmware [letoram, gamerfan, Mark F., Smitdogg, The Dumping Union]


-Netlist improvements: [Couriersud]
* nltool now accepts -Ddefine=value to pass on to netlists
* improved option handling and added "dummy" options to add grouping
and examples in help output.
* improved --cmd=listdevices output
* Fix dynamic timestepping. This will work with breakout using real
capacitor modelling instead of delay devices. Really slow, but
very useful to calibrate timings.
* Fix an awful bug in timing for delay devices.
* Switched to clang 3.8 and made code compile with aggressive warnings.
This exposed serious issues with implicit constructors.
* Removed trampolines (OUTLOGIC, INPLOGIC and friends).
* Started using doxygen comment and documentation style. Added
doxygen files to documentation folder.
* Refactored code triggered by doxygen output.
* Moved internal and support classes into namespace detail.
* Use an unordered map in parser.
* Added iterators to pstring.
* Moved two macros, added more RAII and improved exceptions. Fixed
some bugs in parser code.
* Fixed a number of bugs in parser code and exception handling.


-Forte Card: Switched the ver 110 (spanish) to parent set since it's a
newer version. Also cleaned up the driver. [Roberto Fresca]


-Render module improvements: [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]
* Direct3D HLSL: use aviwrite to record AVI movies
* Cleanup patches for Direct3D renderer
* BGFX: fix crash when bgfx effect folder is not present


-Fixed priority issues in Legionnaire, Heated Barrel, Denjin Makai and
Godzilla [Angelo Salese]


-opwolf.cpp: fix all the gameplay problems by improving the c-chip
protection simulation [bryan McPhail]


-Miscellaneous modernisation: [Nathan Woods]
* File create and format refactoring, better name/path validation
(with POSIX implementation from Vas Crabb)
* Use string objects in in core_file static functions, menu items,
strconv functions, image device extensions and softlist classes
* Consolide default implementation of create_option_guide()
* Filesel cleanup
* Migrate softlist code from simple_list to std::list


-Added crt-geom and crt-geom-deluxe shaders for bgfx including several
aperture grille/shadow mask patterns (designed for RGB subpixel order)


-Added option hide ROMless machines from the availables list.
[Maurizio Petrarota]


-sun4 updates:
* Added SPARCStation 1+, 4/110, and 4/4x0 ROMs [Al Kossow]
* SPARC CPU core fixes [Ryan Holtz, Vas Crabb]
* Preliminary counter/timer support [R. Belmont]
* Separated sun4 and sun4c, started implementing unique original sun4
features. [R. Belmont]
* Support both 8 and 16 context variants of sun4c arch [R. Belmont]
* Improved original sun4 architecture support [R. Belmont]
* Initial FDC hookup [Ryan Holtz]
* Improved timers, logging - sun4_40 runs FORTH programs at ok
prompt [Ryan Holtz]


-Add high-level emulation of Sun type 3/4/5/6 keyboards [Vas Crabb]
* U.S.A, Great Britain, Sweden and Japan layouts for Type 5
* Layout selection settings for Type 4 and Type 5
* Identification selection for type 4
* Adaptor for connecting to RS-232 port representing level translator
* Hook up to sun3, sun4 and sun4c


-zeroteam: improve sprite/sprite priorities [AJR]


-feversoc.cpp: Hook up EEPROM; remap buttons, hook up lamps and serial RTC [AJR]


-denjinmk: hack sound comms to work without ROM patch [AJR]


-vt100.cpp: Add the older vt102/vt131 romset to the vt131 driver as
another bios set [Lord Nightmare, Al Kossow]


-Corrected many Mahjong dip switches and settings [system11]
* Fixes for: Mahjong Focus, Nozokimeguri Mahjong Peep Show,
Mahjong Fantasic Love & Ojousan
* Various Video System Mahjong dip switches


-Final enhancements to HP TACO driver [fulivi]


-Further IRQ passthrough cleanup [AJR]
* Remove irq_line methods from M6502, M6800, M6809, S2600 and replace
* Remove a few IRQ passthroughs from spiders.cpp
* Add several aliases for M6800_IRQ_LINE


-Increase uismall.bdf coverage: [Vas Crabb]
* Complete coverage of Latin Extended-A, most of Latin Extended-B
* Monotonic Greek
* Full ISO-8859-5 Cyrillic, many other Cyrillic characters
* Half-width katakana
* Some IPA Extensions


-UI refactoring: [Vas Crabb]
* Move most main launch menu stuff out of the base menu class
* Move some common code from selgame and selsoft into selmenu
* Eliminate the troublesome static members in ui::menu
* Eliminate some function statics
* Move palette menu drawing code out of base into palette menu class
* Use std::bind, references where nullptr is unacceptable, and const
where appropriate
* Improve encapsulation of class members
* Reduce repeated string allocation in audit code
* Don't play so fast and loose with integer types
* Eliminate some expensive deep copies of vectors/maps
* .h -> .ipp for things that aren't really headers
* Remove members that have lifecycle associated with operation


-DPS1: system boots up, working [Robbbert]


-bankdev: pass through the debugger flag from the incoming space
argument [R. Belmont]


-Apollo changes: [Hans Ostermeyer]
* Keyboard mapping adjusted to fit current MAME
* Fixed screen raw parameters
* Fixed disp.dex Test 20 (Video SYNC Gen. Add. Test) for color


-3c505: The Ethernet frame check sequence is now appended to transmit
data [Hans Ostermeyer]


-input_common: fixed 0.172 regression for non-US keyboards
[Hans Ostermeyer]


-fix item hilighting in debugger state view when scrolling [Vas Crabb]


-Introduce validity checks for RGB utilities and fix bugs uncovered [Vas Crabb]
* Fix rgbvmx on Linux ppc64 and ppc64le targets with GCC 5
* Added several missing functions to rgbgen
* Fixed logical shift right in rgbgen
* Fixed sra that should be sra_imm in rdptpipe
* Added some simple SSE4.1 optimisations in rgbsse
* Re-organised rgbsse, rgbvmx and rgbgen to be in more logical order
* Fixed return type on some modifying operators
* Made some more reference parameters const
* Removed inline qualifier from a number of methods as it's implied
when body is present at declaration
* Mark some constructors explicit


-null_modem: rtscts flow control + relevant fix to i8251 [shattered]


-Updated driver with new information related to ID and gamelist for
tourvis.cpp [system11, Tafoid]


-Fix archimedes disk format [O. Galibert]


-apple2: don't allow debugger to trigger slot switching [Peter Ferrie]


-tiamc1: Kot-Rybolov implemented sound, documentation updates [MetalliC]


-Tia-MC1 driver: Added support for KR580VV55A parallel peripheral
interface (clone of i8255), added technical notes about some odd
behaviour with some ports, listed the specs of Kot-Rybolov hardware,
and added all clocks via #define. [Roberto Fresca]


-amstrad: fix undocumented mode 3. [barry Rodewald]


-bbc: added monitor configuration (Colour, B&W, Green, Amber) and
preliminary slots for expansion [Nigel Barnes]


-Flaming 7's, original custom hardware improvement: [Roberto Fresca]
* Reverse-engineer protection to bypass the requested serial number.
The iButton device still needs to be hooked. Promoted these games to
working with their correspondent flags.
* Added tech notes, comments and instructions to boot the machine for
first time.


-Flaming 7's, Taiwanese hardware: Reverse-engineer protection to bypass
the requested serial number. The iButton device still needs to be
hooked. Promoted the game to working with its correspondent flags.
Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]


-hiscore.dat: Updates [Leezer]


-alto2: Hunting the jiggly cursor bug [Juergen Buchmueller]


-chihiro: added 837-13551 jvs input device, completed the communication
with jvs devices through usb [samuele Zannoli]


-chihiro: game crtaxihr "Crazy Taxi High Roller (Rev B)" boots too [samuele Zannoli]


Translations added or modified
Chinese (simplified/traditional) [YuiFAN]
Greek [braiNKilleRGR]
Japanese [Vas Crabb]
Portuguese (Brazil) [Ashura-X]


New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Swing Gal [bET] [system11]
Player's Choice (M4C1) [blair Quinney, The Dumping Union]
Gorodki [shiru8bit, IgorR76, '15kop' arcade museum]
Kot Rybolov [MetalliC, shiru8bit, IgorR76, '15kop' arcade museum]
Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 50 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 500 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Main, 2000 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
Flaming 7 (Custom Hardware, Egyptian Gold, 2000 Bonus) [Roberto Fresca]
Flaming 7 (Taiwanese Hardware, unknown version) [Roberto Fresca]
TeleVideo 990 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow, Carl]
TeleVideo 995-65 [R. Belmont, Al Kossow, Carl]
Rainbow-100B [bavarese]
MBC200 [Robbbert]


New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Beastie Feastie (Epos Tristar 9000 hardware) [The Iron Goat]
Raiden Fighters 2 - Operation Hell Dive (Japan set 3) [ironGiant]
LTM Portable (B+) [Nigel Barnes]
LTM Portable (Master) [Nigel Barnes]
Bubble Trouble (World, Rev B) [Alex Cmaylo, The Dumping Union]
Sensory Chess Challenger 9 (set 2) [anonymous]
Operation Thunderbolt (World, rev 1) [Muddymusic, The Dumping Union]
Digital Equipment Corporation VT240 [Carl]
Elektronika MC7105 [shattered]
Intergirl [f205v]


New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
Tomy Prin-C [TeamEurope]
Datamax 8000 [Robbbert]


New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
BT Merlin M2105 [Nigel Barnes]


New WORKING software list additions
pc98_cd.xml: Final batch of additions [rzero9]
pce_tourvision.xml: Added a number of new dumps (15) [system11, Tafoid]
poisk1_flop.xml: Added basic softlist [shattered]


New NOT_WORKING software list additions
gamate.xml: Volcano Panic [Juan Felix Mateos and Mr. Postman]
gamate.xml: Hot Hero; Baseball [Peter Wilhelmsen]
gba_ereader.xml: Starting work doing the GBA e-reader software-list [shideravan]

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