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Mame64 .177 No Nag .177

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About This File

No Nag patch added.




MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 00550: [Graphics] (atarisy2.c) apb: There is a graphics problem with
your police car at the point you drive away from your starting
square. (crazyc)
- 01455: [DIP/Input] (segas18.c) lghost: Problem with crosshair (Pitou)
- 05584: [Gameplay] (konamigx.c) rungun2, slamdnk2: during run mame
produces several messages about unknown protection command (Tafoid)
- 05823: [Core] (coco12.c) -ramsize does nothing for emulation although
it does change the .ini file (Nathan Woods)
- 06185: [DIP/Input] LIGHTGUNS: Aimtrak Dual Lightguns no longer
properly detect (Pitou)
- 06269: [Debugger] DEBUGGER: Unable to use any valid cheats while
using debug (Ryan Holtz)
- 06292: [Crash/Freeze] (victor9k.c) victor9k [cpm86]: Freeze with
'cpm86' disk (Curt Coder)
- 06314: [Crash/Freeze] Fatal error - All sets using '-centronics p72'
slot/option (Ryan Holtz)
- 06315: [Crash/Freeze] Fatal error - All sets using c4023, c1526,
mps802 devices (Ryan Holtz)
- 06316: [Crash/Freeze] (pc1512.c) pc1512, pc1512dd, pc1512hd10: Use of
'ibm_mfc' slot option causes Fatal error (Ryan Holtz)
- 06317: [Crash/Freeze] (pc1512.c) pc1512, pc1512dd, pc1512hd10: Use of
'3c503' slot option causes Fatal error (Ryan Holtz)
- 06326: [Crash/Freeze] (megadriv.c) megadriv, 32x and clones, some
segac2.c sets: Selecting machine and game via softlist though
internal menu results exception/crash (Osso)
- 06328: [Crash/Freeze] Various ISA using machines: Crash/Exception at
Initialization (crazyc)
- 06330: [Crash/Freeze] (altos5.c) altos5: Crash/.Exception on
start (crazyc)
- 06331: [Crash/Freeze] (apollo.c) dn3500_19i, dsp3000, dsp3500,
dsp5500: Crash/Exception on start (Osso)
- 06332: [Graphics] (galaga.c) digdug and clones: Graphics from
Tilemap 0 are missing (Osso)
- 06335: [interface] UI:: Input (general) selection menus do not
display correctly or at all (Vas Crabb)
- 06342: [Crash/Freeze] pc (pccga): System crashing while
loading (crazyc)
- 06343: [DIP/Input] (taito_l.c) plottingu: Coinage dipswitches are
labeled incorrectly. (Tafoid)
- 06349: [Gameplay] brapboys: MAME crashed when exiting
game (O. Galibert)
- 06352: [Crash/Freeze] (cps1.c) mbombrd, mbombrdj: Crash in
demonstration mode (Osso)


Source Changes


-maygay1b: [David Haywood]
* Fixed second set of lamps
* Partially investigated MCU hookup


-apple2gs.cpp: Redumped 341-0748 FE-FF ROM for the ROM03 Apple IIGS,
confirming that 341-0748 and 341-0749 ROMs are identical.
[brian Troha]


-mpu4.cpp: Added all known expansions as fragments for DRIVER_INIT.
This will permit 'per set' configuration to make the games
playable. [James Wallace]


-naomi.cpp: Added all known Sega DIMM board firmware dumps. [TylerDurden67]


-amstrad.cpp: Added pause button to GX4000. [barry Rodewald]


-debugimgui: Added images menu, with crude file select dialog, added
very crude create image dialog. [barry Rodewald]


-ALTOS5: Fixed banking, all disks can boot. [Robbbert]


-Renamed the arcade "sun" project to avoid conflict with the mess "sun"
project [Robbbert]


-Playmatic Pinball: All MPU-1 games working, plus other WIP. [Robbbert]


-MK14: [Robbbert]
* Fixed a memory bug.
* Added paste facility, cassette, sound, and notes.


-Pro-80: Added devices. [Robbbert]


-Separated the LDP-1450 laserdisc player into its own device
[James Wallace]


-Added support for MPU4 layouts for games beginning with 'a', based on
MFME2MAME conversion. CHR protection data is still not hooked up for
many of these sets, so lamping behaviour is incorrect. [James Wallace]


-Dumped Ferrari F355 Japan BIOS. [shouTime]


-Fixed TNZS ROM locations/labels [brian A. Troha, Lord Nightmare]


-hiscore.dat: updates [Leezer]


-Various netlist fixes: [couriersud]
* Minor include cleanup
* Fixed a memory hole caused by assign operators
* More C++
* Use noexcept in netlist code where appropriate


-abc80x: Fixed ABC-838 disk image cell size. [Curt Coder]


-c64: Optimized the 1541 bit read/write function slightly without
noticable effect on driver speed, since the 2 CIA's are the current
bottlenecks. [Curt Coder]


-compis improvements: [Curt Coder]
* Created a bus for the graphics card slot
* Fixed keyboard
* Promoted driver to working
* Fixed RTC to use 24 hour mode


-victor9k improvements: [Curt Coder]
* Set floppy RPM after track step
* Implemented hires graphics
* Implemented display brightness control
* Fixed keyboard line Y12
* Implemented SCP communications
* Boots to CP/M and MS-DOS now - promoted driver to working


-pofo improvements: [Curt Coder]
* Implemented the A: credit card memory
* Fixed the RTC
* Added memory card slot interface and ROM/RAM cards


-im6402: Reset receive/transmit registers after data frame is changed
[Curt Coder]


-wangpc improvements: [Curt Coder]
* Fixed interrupt handling - boots to DOS now
* Fixed keyboard error on POST


-Fixed missing region report when DEVICE_SELF is used. [O. Galibert]


-dirom: device_rom_interface for sound chips with rom/memory map
alternative [O. Galibert]
* Make robust for oversize ROMs


-dirom,okim6295: Added/fixed banking support. [O. Galibert]


-Preliminary VGM player (vgmplay) [O. Galibert]


-kaneko_calc3: Stop trashing memory. [O. Galibert]


-Fairlight CMI IIx driver: [Ryan Holtz]
* Modernization of Phil's CMI IIx driver
* Hooked up serial callbacks, alphanumeric keyboard now works
* Fixed FDC DMA, QDOS now boots
* Fixed MSM5832 RTC hookup
* Hook up second floppy


-vgmplay.cpp enhancement: [Ryan Holtz]
* Added HuC6280, NES APU, Gameboy DMG, YM2203, YM3812, YM3526,
AY-3-8910, Namco C352, Sega MultiPCM, Konami K053260, Atari POKEY
and Oki M6295 support.
* Added support for looping.
* Added dual-chip support for AY-3-8910, YM2203, MultiPCM, and


-tv990/995: Added save state support and LPT port. [R. Belmont]


-tv950: New redumps, fleshed out the skeleton, needs a CRTC expert to
draw anything. [R. Belmont, Al Kossow]


-ti99 improvements: [Michael Zapf]
* Fixed stuck INT line in TMS9902
* Improved logging
* Fixed missed CTS signal, outgoing RTS, incoming DTR
* Fixed RS232 line mapping
* Fixed debugger access to cartridge
* Use proper RAM devices instead of ROM_REGIONS
* Fix a problem with formatted disk images that do not match the
expected file size
* Fixed another issue with double stepping


-ti99_dsk: Fixed issue with deleted data marks in FM. [Michael Zapf]


-hdc92x4: Added 9224 emulation. [Michael Zapf]


-Added PC-AT mode (still untested), some preparations for 9224
emulation. [Michael Zapf]


-floppy: Improved floppy sound emulation with new sound samples.
[Michael Zapf]


-Funworld driver: Added technical notes to Inter Games poker.
[Roberto Fresca]


-Jolly Card (Austrian, set 2):
* Added specs [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
* Added GAL16V8S dump [Team Europe, caius]


-Jolly Joker (Apple Time): Added technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]


-Amatic multigames: Corrected technical notes. [Roberto Fresca]


-alto2 improvements: [Juergen Buchmueller]:
* Added speaker sound
* Further cleanup and removed cruft
* Get rid of the fake status display. Refactor mouse positioning code.
* Removed extra screen buffer
* Save copying odd/even frame scanlines by immediately updating bitmap
* Fixed I/O memory read
* Reduced frame rate (really 30 frames/60 fields per second)
* Replaced decoded MIR bit fields
* Removed member function pointers
* Refactored videotiming, use attoseconds_t


-apricot improvements: [Dirk Best]
* Moved expansion bus to its own directory
* Created bus interface for the keyboard interface
* Made HLE keyboard emulation a bus device
* Use device_buffered_serial_interface and
device_matrix_keyboard_interface for the HLE keyboard emulation to
reduce duplication and implement a FIFO
* Added rtc support to keyboard


-Keyboard/terminal improvements: [Vas Crabb]
* Added base classes for HLE matrix keyboard and buffered RS232 device
* Made generic keyboard/terminal more usable: configurable typematic
delay/rate, selectable JIS/ANSI layout, handle simultaneous
keypresses more intuitively, use meta to set high bit, configurable
auto LF on CR, auto CR on LF and local echo, audible bell
* Untangled Olivetti M20 keyboard from generic_keyboard, add notes, use
physical layout
* Untangled RM Nimbus keyboard from generic_keyboard aand fix -natural
* Untangled x68k keyboard from generic_keyboard, improve key names,
default mapping and typematic behaviour
* Untangled QX-10 keyboard from generic_keyboard
* Kept NGEN keyboard barely working


-Rewrote srcclean to be cool with UTF-8, C++14 and Lua. [Vas Crabb]


-Fixed UTF-16 encode, pass UTF-16 to Windows character drawing. [Vas Crabb]


-Made path_iterator copy search path to fix use-after-free [Vas Crabb]


-devfind improvements: [Vas Crabb]
* Made object finders behave like pointers (not pointer/reference/
vector) hybrids
* Removed some default argument values and dangerous accessors
* Use single uniform class for object array finders, using real arrays
to avoid double indirection
* Use a format string to allow more flexible tag names in object array
* Use template using typedefs to greatly reduce bolerplate code
* Consolidated template instantiations speeding up the build
* Added Doxygen comments to many key classes


-Fixed cosmic.cpp and mpu4.cpp games that had too few tags passed to
I/O port array finder [Vas Crabb]


-dooyong.cpp: Video improvements: [Vas Crabb]
* Mix two 4bpp tilemaps for the 8bpp layer in popbingo
* Made ROM tilemap generator into a device, moving a whole lot of stuff
from video start to machine config and removing trampolines
* Changed tile/sprite ROM regions to be 16-bit to better match hardware
* Represent 16-bit text layer block on Z80 games as a device
* Split up state classes some more and use derived machine configs


-Fixed regression: using IPT_START in sms makes mame think joypad 1 is
occupied and inserts joypad 2&3 instead of joypad 1&2 [hap]


-dotrikun improvements: [hap]
* Much better video timing, but still shows glitches in ccovell's ROM
* eat_cycles clamps to 0, adjust_icount does do what I intended
* Try another method for video timing


-gx4000: Don't use IPT_KEYBOARD for console pause button. [hap]


-al520ex: Use correct key name for tvordiy znak. [hap]


-hh_tms1k: Gamelist notes update. [hap]


-hh_hmcs40: Added sag internal artwork (external artwork still
recommended). [hap]


-tlcs90: Fixed a nonsense check. [hap]


-chessmst: Added reset and halt buttons. [hap]


-champbasjb: Fixed MAME complaining about missing MCU device, correct
romlabels. [hap]


-lghost: Allow gun offset correction to be disabled. [hap]


-tiamc1: Tilemap bit layers disable control. [MetalliC]


-i8080: Fixed status callbacks during stack and IO access [MetalliC]


-vector06: Improvements: [MetalliC]
* RAM expansion emulated, MicroDOS and software works now
* Fixed ROM cartridge address decoding, boots now
* Changed to use KR1818VG93 FDC
* Added "Sound Tracker" and "R-Sound" AY8910 sound
* Added pit8253 sound
* Fixed vblank interrupt generation


-cv1k.cpp: Found and corrected bad bits in Pink Sweets U2 graphics ROMs
based on comparison 4 dumped versions. [MetalliC, rtw]


-aica: Added ADPCM diff value clamp based on encoder research.
[kode54, MetalliC]


-hp9845: Added correct character generator ROMs. [fulivi, A.Kueckes]


-Use emumem.h defines whenever possible. [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]


-gba: Reworked and simplified code. [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]


-gba: First batch of code refactorings: [Giuseppe Gorgoglione]
* Attempt at modernizing the code by taking advantage of C++ features


-Made hiscore path configurable by ini file, fix .hi file path
resolution. [stengun]


-Fixed Gun#2 not working in MAME #618 [Pitou]


-Fixed read case in kaneko_calc3.cpp and made kaneko_toybox.cpp safe as
well. [David Haywood]


-Various Seibu Refactoring: [David Haywood]
* Air Raid, Street Fight and Dark Mist all use very similar video
systems;this takes some steps towards allowing a common
* Street Fight and Cross Shooter use a common mmainboard wiht
different Video Boards; makes video boards into devices to
faciliate this


-Put DM01 matrix board CPU inside device for BFM Sc2/4. [David Haywood]


-Maygay M1A, MCU bones, commuication not hooked up yet. [David Haywood]


-Fixed many MPU4 set descriptions: [David Haywood]
* Identify and mark hacks
* Associate sets with correct games
* Treat Casino Bar-gain and Bar-gain as different games


-Treat Sc2 DMD as screen, avoid tag lookups, add correct DMD ROM to some
sets [David Haywood]


-Maygay M1A/B partial fix for lamp mapping: [John Parker]
* Fix the lamp mapping for the first half of the matrix
* Fix typo and add comment to function that is intended to handle the
second half of the matrix


-Added layouts to Maygay driver: [John Parker]
* These are generated, and will be updated as I MFME2MAME converter is
improved, reels are transcribed, etc.
* m1albsqp, m1apollo2, m1bargnc, m1bghou, m1bigdel, m1calypsa,
m1casclb, m1casroy1, m1chain, m1cik51o, m1clbfvr, m1cluecb1,
m1cluedo4, m1cluessf, m1coro21n, m1dkong91n, m1dxmono51o,
m1eastndl, m1eastqv3, m1fantfbb, m1fightb , m1frexplc, m1gladg,
m1grescb, m1hotpoth, m1htclb, m1imclb, m1infern, m1inwinc,
m1itjobc, m1itskob, m1jpmult, m1lucknon, m1luxorb, m1manhat,
m1monclb, m1mongam, m1monmon, m1monou, m1nhp, m1nudbnke, m1omega,
m1onbusa, m1przeeb, m1retpp, m1search, m1sptlgtc, m1startr,
m1taknot, m1thatlfc, m1topstr, m1triviax, m1trtr, m1ttcash,
m1wldzner, m1wotwa


-Added new Scorpion 1 layouts: [John Parker]
* sc1barcd, sc1bartk, sc1cl65, sc1clbtma, sc1cwcl, sc1dblch, sc1pwrl,
sc1sirb, sc1spct, sc1str4


-Scorpion 2: Added 12 internal layouts: [John Parker]
* sc2ptytm1, sc2cpe, sc2casr2, sc2majes, sc2eggs1, sc2prom, sc2cpg,
sc2copcl7, sc2town2, sc2suprz1, sc2heypr, sc2prem2


-Scorpion 4: Added 35x Layouts. [John Parker]


-Scorpion 4: Added 73 Layouts. [John Parker]
* sc4jack, sc4kalei, sc4knokb, sc4lirb, sc4lined, sc4lockb, sc4lkbcl,
sc4mmmg, sc4mgr, sc4mtbb, sc4mtbclb, sc4monoba, sc4mondxe,
sc4mr2rc, sc4motor, sc4mou, sc4nmtj, sc4nudita, sc4pacqpa,
sc4paccl, sc4pstata, sc4pgold, sc4po8, sc4ppclb, sc4pipe, sc4plumb,
sc4polic, sc4pony, sc4potsha, sc4pwrbq, sc4pwrsg, sc4pen1c,
sc4qmodo, sc4quidrb, sc4rhxcsa, sc4rhxcl, sc4redsq, sc4rotc,
sc4revod, sc4richl, sc4rttt, sc4roksc, sc4rogds, sc4rmo, sc4rtc,
sc4srrca, sc4smk7, sc4slci, sc4solgl, sc4slihd, sc4sparkd,
sc4sbust, sc4starpk, sc4strk, sc4sahed, sc4susk, sc4suscl, sc4s6cd,
sc4taekw, sc4takcl, sc4tempt, sc4lions, sc4tic2, sc4tbana,
sc4tload, sc4tpshta, sc4trail, sc4ttomb, sc4tridn, sc4tfclb,
sc4vrgclb, sc4wldjkc, sc4xmarka


-JPM IMPACT: Added 58 layouts. [John Parker]
* j6aceclb, j6acehi, j6amdrm, j6arcadee, j6big50, j6bigbukc,
j6bigtopa, j6bnkrcl, j6bnza, j6btbwd, j6camelt, j6casclaf,
j6cascze, j6colcsh, j6cpal, j6crack, j6drdogh, j6euphor, j6ewn,
j6fastfr, j6ffce, j6frtpot, j6gidogh, j6gldclb, j6gogold,
j6goldgla, j6guabc, j6guabcl, j6hapyhrb, j6impulsc, j6indyi, j6kfc,
j6kungfud, j6megbck, j6mono60, j6monst, j6montlkb, j6oxobin,
j6quick, j6ra, j6redarwf, j6reelmn, j6rh6cld, j6rhchil, j6rico,
j6rollerd, j6slagng, j6snakes, j6stards, j6swpdrp, j6tombc,
j6topflg, j6twst, j6untch, j6vindal, j6vivark, j6wizardd, j6wldkng


-MPU3: Added 39 layouts. [John Parker]
* m3acech, m3autort, m3biggam, m3bigsht, m3blkhle, m3cabreta, m3chase,
m3circle, m3cskill, m3cunlim, m3fortun, m3gcrown, m3gmine,
m3lineup, m3loony, m3nnice, m3oddson, m3online, m3oxo, m3ratrce,
m3razdaza, m3replay, m3rockpl, m3rollem, m3rxchng, m3sexcu,
m3slight, m3snaphp, m3spoof, m3supadr, m3supnud, m3supspo,
m3supwin, m3sweep, m3tfair, m3toplin, m3winagnb, m3winstr, m3xchngg


-Scorpion 4: Mostly fixed 7-segment displays. [John Parker]


-Maygay: Fixed input strobe order bug [John Parker]


-Updated regenerated Maygay layouts; all now initialise OK.
[John Parker]
* Updated due to Converter bugfixes.


-Maygay: Added/updated layouts: [John Parker]
* Layouts have the new 'MFME2MAME Debug View'
* Layouts have new fix (same as MPU4) for 'coin slot buttons'
* Some reel lamp improvement for 5th reel
* Added four new layouts


-JPM MPS: Added 89 Layouts: [John Parker]
* j2adnote, j2always, j2bankch, j2bigbnk, j2bigbox, j2blustr,
j2cashbn, j2cashrl, j2cashro, j2cashrv, j2cashtk, j2coinsh,
j2coppot, j2cprndx, j2criscr, j2crown, j2cshalm, j2cshcrd,
j2cshfil, j2cshnud, j2cshsmh, j2cvault, j2droplt, j2ewn, j2ews,
j2exec, j2fasttk, j2fiveal, j2fiveln, j2fqueen, j2frucnx,
j2fullhs, j2fws, j2ghostb, j2gldchy, j2goldbr, j2hilocl, j2hinote,
j2hiroll, j2hitmon, j2hotpot, j2hotsht, j2hypnot, j2jackbr,
j2kingcl, j2litean, j2litnot, j2lovshd, j2lovsht, j2luckar,
j2lucky2, j2maxima, j2missis, j2monblt, j2mongam, j2montrp,
j2nolimt, j2notesh, j2nudbnz, j2nudfev, j2nudmon, j2nudshf,
j2paypkt, j2penny, j2plsmnd, j2plsnud, j2pndrsh, j2rdclb,
j2reelbn, j2reelbo, j2reelcz, j2reelmc, j2reelmo, j2silvcl,
j2silvsh, j2sldgld, j2slvrgh, j2spcrsv, j2sstrea, j2stahed,
j2supfrc, j2suprsh, j2supsft, j2supstp, j2suptrk, j2swbank,
j2take2, j2trail, j2tstplt


-JPM SYSTEM5: Added 21 layouts: [John Parker]
* j5ar80cla, j5cira, j5fairp, j5firebl, j5hollyc, j5hotdoga,
j5indsum, j5intr, j5movie, j5nite, j5palma, j5popeye, j5sizl,
j5supbara, j5suphi, j5swop, j5term, j5topshp, j5trail, j5ujb,


-BFM DMD: Adjusted to more accurately match the colour of the real
machines [John Parker]


-Techno Drive improvements [superctr]
* Fix H8 ADC inputs
* Sub CPU seems to expect certain H8 SCI behavior, otherwise it locks
up after a few minutes making controls unresponsive.
* Bypassed 'COIN ERROR' at bootup by patching the sub CPU program
* Swapped 'th1fl3l.12' and 'th1fl3u.13' and placed them at proper
memory location (0x1800000) so game no longer crashes at Namco logo


-namconb1: fix sound timing for some games [superctr]
* fixes the sound tempo in nebulray, gslugrsj, gslgr94u and clones,
and vshoot.


-Byteswapped timecris sample ROM, remove MACHINE_IMPERFECT_SOUND flags
for C352 games. [superctr]


-Namco C352 improvements: [superctr]
* Replaced C352 core with new one used in VGMPlay (fixes noise
generation and sample interpolation)
* Change clock frequencies for sub CPU and sound chip for
System 12/23 drivers based on my research on the sound drivers,
including a comparison between the ND-1 and System 12 drivers
* Removed rear channels for systems that lack a second Sanyo
LC78815M stereo DAC


-kim1: RS & ST keys, input ports update: [Dagarman]
* Hooked up the ST key and updated RS key function
* Updated INPUT_PORTS to add numpad keys and better support pasting
* Moved type definitions to kim1.h
* Simplified kim1.lay coordinates


-Documented 3 diagnostic menu bugs in the Vii's BIOS.


-Fixed action on debugger 'trace'/'traceover' commands: [Nathan Woods]
* 'trace'/'traceover' commands were registered as having three
arguments, this fixes it so there are four arguments


-Fixed some MC6847 low resolution video modes: [Nathan Woods]
* Fixed a bug from where video data was sampled that could cause too
many samples to be loaded in low resolution video modes
* On the CoCo, this fixes some low resolution video modes used by
Project Nebula and some other games


-CoCo 1/2: Fixed configurable RAM sizes: [Nathan Woods]
* Changes the 6883 SAM implementation to assume memory bank lengths
smaller than available space are not mirrored


-Made rom_entry a class that keeps copies of strings: [Nathan Woods]
* Also introduce a POD tiny_rom_entry for static ROM definitions
* C++-fiied code that iterates over rom_entry arrays


-diimage refactoring: [Nathan Woods]
* Changed device_image_interface::load() so that it doesn't load both
images and softlist items
* Remove vestigial has_been_created() API
* Consolidated error code translation
* Use std::string rather than C strings in more cases
* Better encapsulation of format list
* Better encapsulation of filename extension extraction


-software list refactoring: [Nathan Woods]
* Separation of software list data structure from runtime device
* Use std::string rather than C strings in many cases
* Standardized terminology for various concepts


-Converted many NUL-terminated strings to std::string: [Nathan Woods]
* Parameters to zippath and emufile
* menu_software_list::m_filename_buffer


-Check return value of CassetteLegacyWaveFiller.chunk_sample_calc()
(this is just better error checking). [Nathan Woods]


-Changed device_image_interface::determine_open_plan() to not create an
image unless device_image_interface::create() is used. This fixes odd
behavior where zero byte images could be created. [Nathan Woods]


-Report Win32 ERROR_INVALID_NAME as osd_file::error::NOT_FOUND
[Nathan Woods]


-Fixed menu lag. [dankan1890]


-Use required_ioport_array for multiple keyboards. [shattered]


-ec1841: Adapted to new memory system. [shattered]


-mc1502: Made serial test in BIOS work. [shattered]


-poisk1, mc1502: Minor fixes. [shattered]


-vt240: Fixed host comms when flow control is enabled. [shattered]


-dvk_ksm: Fixed host comms, added PORT_CHARs to its keyboard.


-dvk_ksm: Dropped dvk_ksm01 variant and merged ROM sets; enabled tx to
its keyboard. [shattered]


-ms7004: Enabled serial rx and add PORT_CHARs. [shattered]


-keyboard: Added F16..F20 keys (present on DEC terminals). [shattered]


-isa_hdc: Implemented READSBUFF command (used by ec1841 diagnostics).


-Remapped "P1 Mahjong Score" to / key for OS X. [AJR]


-New core input type: "Memory Reset": [AJR]
* Resets settings/bookkeeping to system-provided default
* The default key binding F1


-Designated more memory reset inputs in mahjong games. [AJR]


-dynax.cpp: Regularized service inputs. [AJR]


-Attempted to fix distortion with -refreshspeed and -audio xaudio2.


-New stretching options (as suggested by Jezze): [Calamity]
* New option -unevenstretchy (complementary to -unevenstretchx)
* New option -autostretchxy, to automatically apply -unevenstretchx
or -unevenstretchy based on source native orientation.


-Warp mode for relative mouse on OSX SDL 2.0.4 (fixes Github issue
#1232). [bradhugh]


-sengokmj: Inputs refined based on examination of program code: [AJR]
* All service inputs are momentary switches, not DIP toggles
* Added unused SW2 DIPs as displayed in service mode
* Added a couple of obscure inputs not shown in service mode


-pwrkick, othldrby: Various improvements: [AJR]
* Added NVRAM to Power Kick and Othello Derby; document the reset
mechanism for the latter
* Added ticket dispenser to Power Kick (seems to work for the most part)
* Removed numerous bogus DIP switches
* Thoroughly reconfigured coin inputs in Power Kick, adding counters
and lockouts for all three (including the "Key In" input that
really isn't)
* More meaningful settings for the "Payout" DIP switch in Power Kick
(based on program code)


-skylncr.cpp: Improvements to almost all games: [AJR]
* Use standard input mappings in all games except Sonik Fighter
* Added working hopper outputs and payout buttons
* Promoted mbutrfly to WORKING after solving the protection (the code
wasn't encrypted) and add the button lamps internally associated
with it
* Decrypted bdream97, which is almost working now with obvious
graphical glitches and some apparent input problems


-kurukuru, ppj: Input/output improvements: [AJR]
* Ticket dispenser now works
* Corrected "Payout Mode" DIP settings
* Corrected DSW1 settings in Pyon Pyon Jump
* Renamed coin inputs and coin-related DIP switches and order by
increasing denomination
* Removed "Unknown" inputs that aren't actually used
* Full character names only for Kuru Kuru Pyon Pyon
* Reset button now mapped as "Memory Reset"
* Random notes based on program code


-Show color values in palette viewer: [AJR]
* Move the mouse over a color rectangle to show index and RGB values
* For indirect pens, index of the corresponding color is also shown
* For colors in normal RAM-based palettes, the raw value in memory is
also shown (does not currently work with most buffered palettes,
and is incompatible with PROM-based or RAMDAC-based palettes)


-Validity checking improvements: [AJR]
* Always print the name of each driver with -validate -verbose before
check to help detect crashes
* Softlists get validated the first time, not every time but the
* Make address maps complain when entry bounds lie outside the global


-Midway V-Unit imrprovements: [Risugami]
* Added layouts for Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, and Off Road Challenge
* Added wheel force feedback reference and made notes on other outputs
* Finished implementing the Galil command communication
* Finished implementing motion controller


-Decrypted River Patrol (Japan), game now working. [MASH]


-Fixed PROMs in Dribbling (dumped a Dribbling PCB with different
PROMs). [f205v, MASH]


-Added missing PAL dump to Green Beret (bootleg). [MASH]
* Same PAL dump also in suprmriobl, drhl and ddragon6809a


-Added video proms to Turkey Shoot and Mystic Marathon. [MASH]


-Fixed arcade only build (cshooter.cpp changed to airraid.cpp). [MASH]


-Added proper SMT Flash dumps to deluxe4u. [system11]


-dynax.cpp: dumped color PROMs for Intergirl [f205v]


-arkanoid.cpp: Cleaned up comments; updated notes about which MCUs are
used. [Lord Nightmare]


-Synchronise with PinMAME and add many new pinball sets [Osso]


New machines added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Alto-II [Juergen Buchmueller]
TeleNova Compis [Curt Coder]
Atari Portfolio [Curt Coder]
Victor 9000 [Curt Coder]
Wang Professional Computer [Curt Coder]
Vector 06c [MetalliC]
Intergirl [f205v]
Magical Butterfly (version U350C, protected) [AJR]
River Patrol (Japan) [MASH]
Techno Drive (Japan, TD/VER.B) [superctr]
Select-A-Game: Baseball 4 [hap, Kevin Horton]
Select-A-Game: Pinball [hap, Kevin Horton]


New clones added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
Compis II [Curt Coder]
The NewZealand Story (US, old version) (older PCB)
[CoolMod, The Dumping Union]
Metamorphic Force (ver AAA) [Abelardo Vidal]
Virtua Cop 3 (Rev B) [shouTime, rtw]
Air Gallet (older) [Artemio Urbina]
Super Hang-On (Hang-On conversion, Japan, FD1094 317-0039)
[Charles MacDonald, ShouTime]
Deluxe 4 U (ver. 0107, 07/01/2000) [caius]
Dealer's Choice (E4A1) [brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (rev LG1 11/04/91) [bicycle Repairman]
OutRun 2 Special Tours (Japan) (Rev A) (GDX-0011A) [shouTime, rtw]
Casino Five (3315-02, U5-2B) [brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 (Japan) (Rev A) [shouTime, rtw]
Jolly Card (Austrian, set 2) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Golden Tee '98 Tournament (v3.02) [brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
Gals Panic S - Extra Edition (Europe, set 2)
[Hammy, The Dumping Union]
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (US 4 Players, version H) [The Iron Goat]
Gulf Storm (Korea) [system11]
Champion Base Ball (Japan set 3) [siftware, MASH]
Escape from Mars (bootleg of Lunar Rescue) [siftware, MASH]
New Zero Team (V33 SYSTEM TYPE_B hardware) [caius]


New machines marked as NOT_WORKING
CMI IIx [Ryan Holtz]
Quest of D [f205v]
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder
[any, f205v, ShouTime, soyandroid, rtw]
Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Card Builder Ver.2.02
[any, f205v, ShouTime, soyandroid, rtw]
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder [f205v, soyandroid]
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder Check Disk
[any, f205v, ShouTime, rtw]
Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Card Builder Ver.2.10
[any, f205v, ShouTime, soyandroid, rtw]
Ring & Ball (?) [Hammy]
The Key Of Avalon 2.5 - War of the Key (server) (Rev B)
[shouTime, rtw]
The Key Of Avalon 2.5 - War of the Key (client) (Rev B)
[shouTime, rtw]
Tandy/Memorex Video Information System MD-2500 [Carl, Sly DC]
Select-A-Game: Space Invader 2 [hap, Kevin Horton]
Unknown Inter Games poker [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Unknown Funworld A7-11 game 1 [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Unknown Funworld A0-1 game [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Multi Game I (unknown V2.4) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]


New clones marked as NOT_WORKING
Jolly Joker (Apple Time) [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Jungler (Subelectro, bootleg on Scramble hardware)
[Andrew Welburn]
Unknown Funworld A7-11 game 2 [Roberto Fresca, Team Europe]
Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune (Japan) (Rev B) [shouTime, rtw]


New WORKING software list additions
pc98_cd.xml: added more disks + FM Towns hybrids [rzero9]
fmtowns_cd.xml: new dumps [rzero9]
coco_cart.xml: Switched 'cclimbra' to 'cclimber'. [Nathan Woods]
pofo.xml: Dumped the File Manager/Tutorial card. [Curt Coder]


New NOT_WORKING software list additions
gba_ereader.xml: Animal Crossing Series 2 [shideravan]


Translations added or modified
Catalan [Jordi Mallach]
Spanish [A.Viloria]

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