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Fat Match Media Renamer 0.3

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About This File

This is a great tool to rename your media! The file path that you put in the "roms" field

is the path that has your names you like while the path on the first tab below that is for

the path you want the media files to change to mirror the roms path. Note you don't have

to use the roms path here. Sometimes I'll put in the videos path or wheel path (a path

that has the corrected media files) and it will work gloriously with renaming all the files

in the image path. After you select your paths, just use the last tab named results, press

start. After the results happen, press select best option under the options button, then

press rename.

FatMatch is a renaming utility created by FatOne85. Fatmatch uses fuzzy logic to

rename artwork and video files to match your rom set.

Some benefits over other similar software are:

- Immediate Progress Report on Fuzzy Matching

- Folder selection as opposed to list copy-pasting

- Treeview of results for easier match picking

- Software-controlled file renaming

What's New in Version 0.3 (See full changelog)


•Version 0.3 - March 01 2009


•- Tweaked match process

•- Fixed list missing images bug (Value 101 Error)

•- Fixed match results not displaying proper percentage

•- Added "Export Copy Script" Option


•Version 0.2 - February 25 2009


•- Added "List Missing Images" Functionality

•- Redesigned Match Scan layout

•- Fixed Empty Folder Bug

•- Fixed Rename Nothing Selected Bug

•- Fixed Process Yielded No Results Bug

•- Added "Select Best Matched" Option

•- Added "Select Single Matches" Option

•- Added "Highlight Range" Option

•- Added "Collapse/Expand" Option

•- Added functionality of highlighting duplicates


•Version 0.1.1 - February 18 2009


•- Fixed font resizing issue when using larger DPI

•- Fixed listing results from highest to lowest percentage match

•- Tweaked search algorithm for strings containing numbers

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