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Pinranha mini pin going from virtual to full feedback. Need help with relay wiring

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Hello all. Got everything ready to convert my virtual pin to LEDs and feedback with contactors. Also read the pinball 101 document and sorta have a handle on things. But I've got a few questions, I have a 12v supply for the LEDs. And a 24v supply for my 7 contactors and my knocker. The contactors I understand can run directly off the ledwiz and no need for a relay?

My main question is how to wire the knocker. The knocker I know for sure I need a relay. I'm using the standard car relays. 87 87a 30 86 85

I'm just not sure how to wire it!

It has the pins 30 which I think goes to my 24v power supply directly. 85 goes to ground. Here is the part I don't know. Does 87 or 87a go to the knocker? And 86 is my trigger from the ledwiz?

Please help and offer some pointers. Will my 24v contactors need relays? I read they can just go one pin ground and the other 24v through the ledwiz so there is no lag. Wiring The relays confuse me.

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can someone please assist or point me to a forum or post?


Here are my components:

24V power supply


24v real pinball knocker

car relay


Here is what I THINK in need to do. Can someone please confirm or deny before I burn something up? I would like to get started on this on the weekend and need to map this out in my brain before I start.


ledwiz to 86 on relay, 85 to common ground, 30 to 24v power supply, 87 or 87a to real 24v knocker.


or better yet a picture.


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