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Aimtrak module/ gun shell question


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I am thinking about adding guns to my cabinet and I know that the Aimtrak modules seem to be the best choice.

To save some money I want to buy an already assembled gun kit since it has the casing for the LED bar as well as a module kit and gun shell.

Does the module kit with the gun shell require any soldering? Cause if so, that means I'll have to get a soldering iron as well.

I ask cause the website for the module says that it may require soldering, but then a PDF of how to do it as well as the page for the gun shell says no soldering.


oh, and is there a simple way to make a casing for the LED bar? cause then I could save a lot of money if I don't buy the pre-assembled kit.

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No soldering required if you don't get the recoil option. If you do get the recoil option, then yes there is soldering involved.

Don't know what you can use as a "casing" for the LED bar. I bought the kit. I did install the recoil option as well, and it was very easy and works very well.

- J*

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