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  1. Unbelievable how much negativity there still is. It's a huge reason why good people leave the project. It's exactly why this is my first post in quite some time. Thanks to everyone involved with the 1.5.1 update. Hyperspin has stood the test of time for me and I still run it on my cab for that reason. I am very appreciative of everyone's hard work here. Thank you! - J*
  2. Jumpstile


  3. Version .163


    MAMEUIFX Databases. Use these with my MAMEUIFX builds. - J*
  4. It works for me... MAMEUIFX 148... Obviously not all games, but a bunch do work and show hi scores in HyperSpin... - J*
  5. No need. If there is a Wii game, just run the Dolphin Wii emulator. - J*
  6. I'm thinking that the game is written in ActionScript. I'm trying to extract it, however it may be best for someone very good in ActionScript (hmmm, who here knows ActionScript? ) to give it a try as the site uses SWFAddress to deep link the javascript. - J*
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