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Need Help With CP Plans... Sanwa JLF Sticks... Control Board Question

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So I have the following CP plan, I have started ordering buttons and some other items.  But I need advice.


My setup will consist of:

2 Sanwa balltop sticks

1 Trackball (U-Trak high lip)

1 Spinner (not sure which brand)

26 Happ concave long stem buttons (.187" terminals)

Some type of Control Board to run it (iPAC, Opti-Pac, Mini-PAC Opti, etc... yeesh, so many configurations)


I ordered two Sanwa JLF balltop sticks —



— but Ultimarc is saying that in order for me to attach them to one of their boards I will need an adapter.  No one is sure what adapter, although Jaleel at Focus Attack is trying to sort it out...  he's a really cool guy.


I thought this was going to be pretty straight-forward plug-n-play stuff since I have seen, like, seven bazillion MAME control panels with this setup before since the early 2000's —complete with Sanwa-looking balltop sticks!


What control boards are people using for "The Works" setups??  (No plans for LED lighting)


Any advice would be appreciated.  : )

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