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  1. I'll take another look. Feel like an idiot
  2. Are you peeps using bsnes to run these? I can't to seem to get this working using bsnes (retroarch) but can run them using a version of snes9x.
  3. And if I'm not asking too much a xml file also (hyperlist)
  4. Would someone be kind enough to walk me through the setup in rocketlauncher? Im struggling to get this up and running.
  5. Where can I read up about this system more? Are these games with better sound, fan made hacks? This system was never released? I'm flipping through the YouTube videos now, blown away
  6. Like this, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/172261031821
  7. Ok. I have a similar amp and found noise was greatly reducing by plugging it into a power adapter. It should be easy to find a 12v power adapter.
  8. Just wondering how you are powering the amp? Is it directly connected to the pc psu? You might have better luck if it is plugged into your power board.
  9. Freeeeeesh sawdust!!!! I could watch CNC routers all day
  10. Wow that's amazing. It would be mm perfect!!! Hope you are cutting your bezel that way also (this was my biggest headache when building my bartop).
  11. ulao just a quick question. I am having trouble with one particular nes controller of mine. Not sure if the board is gone. It doesn't seem to detect consistently when I'm plugging it in across any of the ports (i have another nes controller that works fine). I'm suspecting it is in "Atari mode". I press a or b and the input is left. What should I try? Should I unplug the USB? Or press the reset button or hold the reset button? Or something else. Thanks in advance.
  12. newoski FIY I'm not using xpadder at all (why are you using it? Is your ipac in game pad mode? I don't have Xbox controllers. My 4-play is being used for nes, snes, n64, megadrive, ps1, ps2, and pcengine controllers. It's late here and I just read your setup. Wow it sounds super complicated, my head can't make sense of it. I'll reread in the morning.
  13. Ok let me explain how I set this up. Forgive me because I haven't touched my setup in ages and i'm a little rusty. I have hyperspin and rocketlauncher running on my bartop. I have set it up to use both my ipac (in keyboard mode, for my joysticks, buttons etc) and the 4-play (for original gamepads). For example I can play a NES game using arcade controls or I plug my 4-play in for gamepad controls (but my setup does allow for you to use either of those options at the same time if the 4-play is connected). I setup up my ipac first for each system by selecting "bind mode" in retroarch to "Retrokeyboard". This allowed my to manually configure each keyboard input to my arcade controls. After that was completed I would change "bind mode" in retroarch to "retropad". Retroarch would then recognise gamepad inputs (4-play). The resulting example in the screen shot below shows for the "up" direction it is now configured to use both (-1 [axis] for the gamepad - 4play) and (key 8 for the arcade joystick - ipac). I always configured my controls with "autoconfig" disabled as I ran into some issues. I also needed to obviously save the retroarch config file and rename it to the system name (as per the RL requirements). I have set this up for any system I have controllers for i.e. snes, nes, MD, etc (I have about 50-60 systems setup in hyperspin, but about 10 of them use both the ipac and/or 4-play). I'm not sure these days if autoconfig has simplified the configuration of controllers but I have happy to do everything manually. Lastly, I would also manually go through my retroarch configs and remove any keyboard shortcuts e.g. fast forward or volume increase so that it wouldn't conflict with my ipac keys. I hope this gives you some direction.
  14. Have you tried plugging the blissbox into a different USB port and reflashing? Re my setup, I'll get back to you over the weekend and update in this thread. My setup hasn't been touched in a while so I can't remember which version of retroarch I'm using.
  15. I've been using retro arch with the blissbox for probably a year now. It works fine. But I have used the unofficial firmware updater so my ports are numbered in windows. This made configuration easy. Let me know if you have any questions.
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