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Unfortunately we had to take download section back offline temporarily. We should have it working normally soon.

any ideas on how to solve this problem? Thanks!


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Hey Everyone.. i'm building my cabinet and im using a USB ANALOG GAMEPAD. i have everything set. analog plunger and analog nudge 360.

but everytime I plug the gamepad i need to PUSH the MODE button to set the gamepad to analog mode...

is it somehow possible to get this button pushed every time I plug the controler? (i don't want to place in the pinball front a MODE button.)

i was hopping to set this automaticaly electronicaly or using any soft.

Any Ideas?


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Thanks for you answer! I use a cheap " Gamepad Eurocase - Usb Vibration - 12 Botones - Negro" with " generic USB gamepad drivers...

the thing is.... I think that in terms of software as my gamepad is generic would be almost imposible.. do you know any " electronic way"?

please tell me if you heard this issue before and if it have been solved by soft...

thanks again Jeepguy81

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