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  1. I might care again once I'm actually planning on setting up an emulator or FE. Right now I'm in an extended period of creative drought and as for gaming.... playing race sims as I bought a good wheel/pedals/shifter/stand and planning on making some custom gear. I think everyone that likes HS is best off just keeping what they got and/or try other FE's (alongside it) No point in waiting, getting frustrated, etc. HS has never been the be all and end all of FE's. If anything, the best thing coming out of this is the artwork that is/has been produced to complement Emumovies. haha, I need to update my sig xD
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  3. I believe you might want to look into HyperPause
  4. THK

    Development Teasers

    Macrium Reflect is what I use on windows. Free and simple, but enough options. You do need a recovery cd/usb the program prompts you to make to restore an image, so handy if you have an optical drive. I use it every time I go for a new kind of OS setup. Easy and pretty quick. When I bricked a win10 version I was screwing around with I was back to my old setup like nothing ever happened in minutes..
  5. Oh and the bios splash screen is something you can turn off in nearly every bios setup menu. It's not a OS thing. Some motherboard even let you use a custom splash screen, just read Lenovo let's you do it for instance. Intel Desktop boards: https://www.intel.co.za/content/www/za/en/support/boards-and-kits/desktop-boards/000006606.html or https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/boards-and-kits/000023875.html
  6. THK

    Development Teasers

    Make image of current setup? not too hard I imagine, unless you have no spare drive/space of course
  7. THK

    Development Teasers

    Remind's me of a Dilated People song.... "Years in the making"
  8. We're here to play video games and get shitfaced
  9. Yeah, no need for i7 HyperThreading for our applications.
  10. Hmmm, seems ASUS has enabled overclocking on their H87 board. Seems like a good deal. Here's a decent power calculation with an overclock, so you should be just about fine. Corsair makes decent PSU's too.
  11. as for my 2 suggestions, really depends on the mother board. The listed prices are not too far of what you'd about pay for just the CPU.
  12. i5 4460 & i5 4670K don't differ that much, though with a decent cooler you might as well go for the latter and overclock it. Always nice to have a bit bigger SSD to run the non-vid media of off. 1TB HDD space is on the small side. Really depends on what the difference in starting budget is and what you have to buy. I have no idea what GPUs are usable for emulation and what platforms, but I guess: i5 4670K / i5 4660 (stay away from stock coolers if possible) 16 GB RAM MB with at least one x16 PCI-e slot. Preferably PCI-e 3.0 250GB SSD / 120GB SSD (120 is the absolute minimum / cheaper to add HDD space later down the line in general than buying a bigger SSD) 2-4 TB HDD space at least (no 3TB drives! / no Green drives! / 7200rpm / really depends on what systems you want, but space is easily added) go to a PSU calculation site and see with all the parts need if 400 Watt is enough or if you should go for a 550 one. (preferably Gold rating, at least Bronze / don't go to near to the max capacity of the PSU for lifespan and efficiency) Z87/Z97 is an overclock platform, H87 (as well as B ) is not. memory clock really isn't that important. If you buy 2nd hand, replace the cooling paste on the CPU.
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