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Virtual Output kit setup


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So I am trying to wrap my hands around setting up Zebs VOK board with his shaker/gear combo and single 12V start button (just as a proof of concept before I add everything else).

As far as the physical connections I have the ribbon cable from the LEDwiz 17-32 going to the bottom flasher board, and the other ribbon going from the LEDwiz 1-16 to the inductor board. 500W Corsair power supply - 20 pin power going to flasher board, 4 pin molex going to the inductor board, and another 4 pin molex going to shaker/gear. I check continuity before mounting the LEDwiz and VOK from pins 1-32. Powered everything up and looks good...3 LEDs lit on VOK.

Software wise I put these files in my Hyperpin directory:

FPLaunch.exe (using FPLaunch 1.295 WIP 10)



Put these files in my VP Tables directory:

core.vbs (version 3.42)

ledcontrol.ini (Downloaded this from Zebs site)



Register the ocx file by typing this on the command line as admin:

Regsvr32 ledwizm05.ocx

(Successfully register dialog box)

So I fire up a random table (Elvira and the Party Monsters) and start playing and get no shaker/gear or start button light. VOK set for 12V, and I tested the button on a 12V supply. I'm sure there is more to this puzzle that I missed???


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Silly question I'm sure, but did ou hook the signal lines for the shaker and gear motor to the shaker and gear terminals on the board? I ask because you didn't list them in your connections.

The 12v start button....did you switch the front panel jumper (beside the led on the upper board) to 12v? I ship it set at 5v.

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I really thought that this was going to be a lot harder to setup......simple issue.....the default line for eatpm does not light the start button. Tried a different table and it worked. Thanks Steve!!!!


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