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  1. Looks great Tyson, although that pacman looks to need a little love.... I'll definitely second the_greeze's recommendation for Josh and Brad's work. Great guys to deal with and top quality product!
  2. http://www.zebsboards.com/images/docs/Inductor_Board_Instructions.pdf http://www.zebsboards.com/images/docs/PWM_output_board_instructions.pdf http://www.zebsboards.com/images/docs/Mounting_plate_assembly_instructions.pdf http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/446-pinball-electrical-101/
  3. Nice to see that you got it going. I had considered offering a trade for it but you're a bit further out than I trust my truck to make it to.... The backbox bowling balls are kindof a neat feature on that one.
  4. You're in the pinball forums...takes much more horsepower to run than the arcade emulators. No wonder theirs confusion.... Try over in the Hyperspin forums and they could probably give you more guidance.
  5. I'm assuming that you are assigning a different key code to the left and right secondary flipper switches then. The codes can only be changed in the firmware at this point, I have no utility for programming the keycodes before compiling it. I can do a custom firmware for that usage, but it will prevent you from being able to just download any updates as all further updates would have to be likewise configured.
  6. All of the primary buttons on the controller are standard default keypresses (flippers, secondary flipper, launch, coin, start, exit). The only joy inputs are the 4 extra inputs as they are more easily configurable in the settings screen of the game software.
  7. Not hard to find me Fire10.... http://www.zebsboards.com
  8. Thanks Maxx, happy to hear that it was pretty painless for you.....
  9. I try to make everything I design backwards compatible so I would be building it into the new controller but would also design a module that plugged into existing units. It would involve a firmware upgrade but I foresee it just being a matter of plugging it inline with one of the existing harnesses and running the update to the firmware.
  10. The ipac does have more inputs. And as randr has shown, it works without any conflicts with the ipac as well. One of the future upgrades I'm looking at for it is incorporating a port expander to increase the keyboard/button inputs to somewhere around 26 or so. I don't forsee it being too much of a load for the system but won't know for sure until I try. 1st I want to get back to tweaking the code to allow for the plunger to double up as the launch ball button as well.
  11. It has 12 inputs so you won't need an IPac. Nudging testing....
  12. no offence intended, just found it amusing. Post away, there's certainly nothing wrong with it.
  13. LMAO....and once again the net proves there is no such thing as a dead thread on the forums.... The last post was 3 years ago.
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