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xeon build?


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Hi guys new year coming and so is a new build firstly before I go on this journey of thumb smacking and solder burns I like to collect pieces for my build.Right I have purchased a decent priced screen and was considering pc's when I was offered a xeon I know a bit about the i series machines quads etc but I know nothing about this xeon stuff it's a ex coperate machine seems high spec but will it run gamecube taito type x2 etc..let me know because it's fairly cheap here are the specs.

Hp z400 intel xeon quad core ht (turbo)??


12gb ddr3 pc 10600-1333mhz

128gb ssd + 1tb secondary drive

Nvidia gt 730 2gb

Apparently same as i7 930.let us know guys before I dive in Google it but not much of exact model they say they aint to bad for gaming or am I better off paying a little more for a modern I series pc cheers.

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I think this processor and graphics card will work.  If it is available now, are you able to test some of the emulators from a USB stick?  I'm not sure what type of build you are looking to do, but you may also want to check if the powerswitch can be controlled from an alternate location - such as an external button.  I started with an old dell and I was not able to do that easily (so it didn't happen).  FYI - Mike

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Thanks for the reply unfortunately I'm not able to try before I buy I'm hoping for a build capable of playing some old skool and a few newer gamecube,mortal kombat x being the newest.i thought the spec's would handle it and I know the xeon's have excellent cooling.anyone have any idea if the newer stuff will work?

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No problem for the xeon. I have an old i5 760 + 8gb ddr3 + gtx 750 ti.

Gamecube 1080p

PS2 1080p

Wii 1080p

Ttx & ttx2 woooooooww

So, for the xeon, it's ok x10000

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