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  2. I'm assuming that since you mentioned your a novice and have somehow got 180 systems running but can't map the keys is you have brought one of those hyperspin hdd off ebay or Web somewhere and here's where the problems will start.
  3. hi guys as promised some pics of project from the drawing transferring to wood building up frame adding artwork stripping tv and added to project and lastly putting acrylic to cover most of front cutting holes etc...to lastly few buttons and a few pics of the beastie pc going in. I call this project phoenix rise from the ashes because the guy I brought the pc from smoked like a chimney and pc stunk of smoke (since been cleaned up ) lol.hope you enjoy will add more as and when I get em and anyone asks I got my art off a guy on ebay but had custom sizes as this wide hence 26"tv.I also have to thank the guys down my local hardware store as they get and cut most of my mdf and acrylic and all fastnings (pity they couldn't cut the shape )lol.
  4. Then if it's a coin door you want then it's gonna have be a full size lol.
  5. Don't worry if it's for yourself it becomes a hobby I've build a few for the kids
  6. If its your first build I'd go with bartop see how you get on building setting it up etc...then the bug takes a hold and you might fancy the next project as full size with experience from the first build.
  7. Thanks newoski for answering that I've been away a few days yes that's how my setup works finally my artwork turned via courier yesterday been a month quality is spot on real thick quality to. So progress so far taken everything apart and adding graphics to each piece separate and got a real good logitech sound system to take apart and add.Finally stripped the pc down to just what's needed you wouldn't believe the space I've got literally millimetres I've gotta post some pics of my progress got a few cool parts coming via Japan but mostly most parts I've had around or collected since before the Xmas season.
  8. Hi guys new year new build gonna be my forth mini to date and hopefully the best one.The cab is set up and I've decased a 26" lcd tv and built in inside the cab got the artwork on it's way . I've also collected most parts and have a rather large motherboard to squeeze plus fans etc..might be overkill but I've got a 6 core watercooled motherboard with 16gb ram and a rather beastie 3gb ddr5 msi graphics card to boot plus using ssd for boot speed lol.will try and add pics of the build as I get spare time to do it
  9. Thanks for the reply unfortunately I'm not able to try before I buy I'm hoping for a build capable of playing some old skool and a few newer gamecube,mortal kombat x being the newest.i thought the spec's would handle it and I know the xeon's have excellent cooling.anyone have any idea if the newer stuff will work?
  10. Hi guys new year coming and so is a new build firstly before I go on this journey of thumb smacking and solder burns I like to collect pieces for my build.Right I have purchased a decent priced screen and was considering pc's when I was offered a xeon I know a bit about the i series machines quads etc but I know nothing about this xeon stuff it's a ex coperate machine seems high spec but will it run gamecube taito type x2 etc..let me know because it's fairly cheap here are the specs. Hp z400 intel xeon quad core ht (turbo)?? 2.66ghzx4 12gb ddr3 pc 10600-1333mhz 128gb ssd + 1tb secondary drive Nvidia gt 730 2gb Apparently same as i7 930.let us know guys before I dive in Google it but not much of exact model they say they aint to bad for gaming or am I better off paying a little more for a modern I series pc cheers.
  11. Wasn't really clear I meant how where you powering the screen and the motherboard off the one power supply
  12. Justin are you gonna use separate power supplies thus 2 cables or try power both of 1 supply I've been looking there really ain't a lot of room.My first idea was to use a 10.1 netbook then the screen the mob etc would all work off 1 plug and the mob would be much smaller but netbooks don't seem to be fast enough to run hyperspin unless they are in the 300 pounds mark unless someone can share a netbook that will for cheaper than that.
  13. Well I'l start seeing as ive built a couple of cabs using both foamboard and mdf.firstly as long as the foamboard is at least 10mm it is tough and strong wont hold a crt but lcd easily and believe me its strong I assure u street fighters you wont snap it advantages its strong and very light and easy to spray or vinyl wrap.Mdf 10mm ok but the norm is 12mm strong and very shapable if built well it will hold a crt lcd with ease very cheap to buy in big sheets bad points its Heavy gives off a lot of dust and if not sealed also give off toxic fumes (google it) one more possitive it to can be vinyl wrapped but special prep needed for paint.
  14. Hi there is there anything smaller seeing as you dont need all the sockets overkill really.Yes they are good as you will only have one lead coming out the back on both my bartops ive built i attached them on the inside rear door its alot neater as you don't have the lead running anywhere other than out.and there should be plenty room for it.
  15. Firstly how come the base wobbles it should be fairly sturdy when you play on it like the original arcade machines so perhaps add more structure to reduce the wobble.As mentioned you should always have a backup of your colletion just in case but from my experience hdds can take a little shake ortherwise companies wouldnt post em out .
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