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Help with number of buttons needed - 4 way joystick


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I usually build full sized cabs with 2 8-way sticks but my sis only plays the older games when she uses my cab so I decided to make her a mini cab, tabletop style, using just a single 4 way HAPP stick. I found a list of games below that are natively 4 way and I had in my head the whole time that I only needed 2 buttons but then someone on the forum brought up Asteroids which uses 3 buttons (fire, thrust and hyperwarp). Does anyone know if 3 will be the right number or should I add a fourth for that unknown game that may need it? As with all my cabs, I'll be adding a P1, P2, Coin1, Coin2 and pause buttons as well. Thanks for your comments. Also feel free to add to the list if something is missing.




4 way game list.txt

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