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Ideally you have a Windows PC and can focus on your 'windows setup' of the wheel, media, etc.    THEN, once you've got things going, shift your time to enabling emulators on Android.


If you aren't THAT interested in spending 10's of hours, you might prefer Arc Browser or Gamesome.   They are nice front-ends with minimal setup.  


Hyperspin is AMAZING due to the tremendous art efforts from the community but setup is hobby-like and very time consuming.    If starting entirely from scratch and if your time is worth more than the $expense, I recommend buying a pre-setup hard drive (check youtube).   But that's just a starting point and it will likely inspire you to spend 100's of hours making your setup 'just right'.   These drives are frowned upon by this community and the proper way to start is buy memberships at emumovies and this site so you can access 'Hypersync'.    ... then, start reading the setup guides.     

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