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New Project: Mame Arcade Multiplayer


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Hey folks,

I'm starting a new project and developing my first MAME arcade machine. The cabinet I've selected to work with is a Williams NBA Jam cab. I do have some questions for folks who have developed their own MAME machines.

What is the best choice for a video card? I want to run games like Pac-man to more power hungry games such as Gauntlet Legends, or Mortal Kombat and modern games. I'm debating between building my own PC to power this cab.



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Thanks for the input. Can someone tell me the difference between these two monitors when it comes to using them in a MAME Arcade solution? The guy i have building my cab for me isn't being very helpful when it comes to which monitor I should go with that would work best for old and new games.

I have a spare 27" LCD Acer monitor:


Could I use one as the arcade monitor or would the recommendation be to go with:


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For sure the 27" LCD.. Basically the xgaming monitor has monitor mounts (direct mounting to arcade mounts built in the cab) and a cga connection for directly hooking up an arcade pcb or upgrading your arcade. Since you are using a computer all you need is vga and not the cga. Plus you can still easily mount the 27" lcd. And this will save you a ton of money. As long as the 27" has a remote and you dont cover up the sensor to turn it on or if it automatically turns on when it detects a signal then you will be fine. The arcade LCD looks no different in quality really, I have owned both.

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