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  1. Hello Fin it felix fan just sent you a private message for prints please get back to me if you can or not.

  2. Is Dropbox available? Are Fix it Felix artwork or files available by chance? Thanks


  3. Hello Ridicrick, Is the dropbox folder still active?

    If so can i be added? Alexrijkschroeff@gmail.com

  4. I have lexan reverse print felix packages made. You want a set PM me. If you live outside the U.S. you can also get one, just cost much more for shipping.
  5. All kits sold.. I put a new order in for more lexan and plexi.. let me know if you want a kit. Thanks! Jeremy, I have a Roland VP-540 and my vinyl is printed on FDC calandered.
  6. yeah the photo op it was just vinyl graphics on top of lexan.. now my set has then installed reverse printed under the lexan/plexi.
  7. My plexi and lexan finally came in. So now I am putting these reverse print kits together. I should be done with them within the next few days. If you want a set before they are sold out let me know. I have two options you can choose from. $120 for a marquee and cpo, or $210 for marquee, cpo and bezel. All reverse printed to look like it came out in 1982. I only have 8 marquee/cpo sets and 7 marquee, cpo and bezel sets. If you want sideart included just add $65. PM me if you are interested. Thanks.
  8. I would have brought ms pac if I had known they needed one.. instead they brought a regular pac and changed the marquee.. yeah I had the idea to make FIFJR photobomb and it ended up even better than we thought. Lol
  9. A few more fun photos.. Walter is out of order.. says Billy What are you doing Walter? Photobombing us with Fix It Felix Jr? lol Color group shot Pacman!! (the pretty female Jessica Bishop inside that costume, ssshhh! dont tell anyone! ) The fun weekend made the local paper there. Another new trading card!!
  10. And here are the art files for everyone asking. If the link doesnt work then let me know. Thanks.. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pq0lhnhmd86m3n8/The%20NEW%20FIF%20JR%20PROJECT.rar
  11. Walter Day, Billy Mitchell, and a little kid all enjoying my Fix It Felix Jr. I got some autographed cards left, if you want one PM me your address. All the game room goodies I got over the weekend.
  12. Billy Mitchell and Myself Ritchie Knuckles and Myself Doc! The owner of the worlds largest Arcade located in Chicago, over 400 games! Great guy! The Legend Joel West and I rockin out! Signing cards early morning for all the fans with a TON of legends. Yep, at this moment my hand was getting pretty tired from all the autographs. And again.. signing.. Fix It Felix Jr, Walter Day, and Myself with the Ottumwa, Iowa cheerleaders.
  13. My award I received. The Mr. Litwalk/Walter Day poster My autographed FIFjr control panel overlay Walter Day and Myself Mayor of Ottumwa Tom Lazio and Myself
  14. The latest update. My Fix It Felix Jr cab was a star this past weekend. Saturday I attended the Twin Galaxies ART GALLERY EXHIBITION at the ICON Gallery in Fairfield, Iowa. I was put on a limited set of trading cards and given an award at the award ceremonies. An amazing weekend it was and got to hang out with a bunch of good people and friends. Then Sunday the famous 1982 LIFE magazine TWIN GALAXIES photo was reenacted with some of the same big stars Billy Mitchell, Joel West, Steve Sanders and of course Walter Day. Also many top gamers from then and now attended and received awards. Here are some of the pics from the event, the professional ones taken by William McEvoy. The large group photo One of the fun photos we did. Notice Walter Day and My Fix It Felix Jr photo bombing...hahaha From left to right. Joel West, Richie Vomit, Richie Knücklez, RidicRick, Mike Oehlerich, Billy Mitchell, and Steve Sanders. Down in front is Tracey Groy one of the five cheerleaders from the original LIFE magazine photo The original 1982 Twin Galaxies photo The 1982 photo was published as a two-page centerfold in LIFE's January, 1983 issue - the "1982 Year-In-Review" edition -- and included 16 superstar V.I.P video game players along with five members of Ottumwa High School's cheerleading squad. For this modern remake of the classic photoshoot, three of the original video gamers (Billy Mitchell, of Hollywood, FL; Steve Sanders of Kansas City, MO and Joel West, of Gastonia, NC) appeared in the picture along with one of the original cheerleaders, Tracey Groy, now of Phoenix, Arizona. Cited from Twin Galaxies site. What used to be Twin Galaxies is now Optical Shoppe. The original Twin Galaxies. Me being goofy again.
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