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Sega Genesis Updated (25 Videos)


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Fire10 over at the HyperSpin forums gave me a heads up that we needed a few new videos for the Sega Genesis set and I wanted something easy after the last round of updates so here you go. This update contains some naming corrections to improve sync and 25 new video snaps. I have updated the set in all areas including the Download Section, FTP and Download Service.


Videos Added - 25 (Circo)

  • Battle of Red Cliffs, The (China) (Unl)
  • Bill's Tomato Game (USA) (Proto)
  • Bug Hunt (World) (Unl)
  • Chinese Fighter III (China) (Unl)
  • Danny Sullivan's Indy Heat (USA) (Proto)
  • DJ Boy (Japan)
  • Doroppu (World) (Unl)
  • European Club Soccer (Europe)
  • Hei Tao 2 - Super Big 2 (China) (Unl)
  • J. League Champion Soccer (Japan)
  • Klax (Japan)
  • Ling Huan Daoshi - Super Magician (China) (Unl)
  • Link Dragon (China) (Unl)
  • Magic Bubble (China) (Unl)
  • Marble Madness (Japan)
  • Papi Commando (World) (Unl)
  • Shi Jie Zhi Bang Zheng Ba Zhan - World Pro Baseball 94 (China) (Unl)
  • Slam - Shaq vs. the Legends (USA) (Proto)
  • Sonic Classic Heroes (World) (Hack)
  • Super Airwolf (Japan)
  • Super Tank War (China) (Unl)
  • Tel-Tel Mahjong (Japan)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures 3 (China) (Unl)
  • Tom Clown (USA) (Unl)
  • Wacky Races (USA) (Proto)

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good job circo you always impress me with your updates i have downloaded all your videos from the ftp but should i write over top if i downloaded them previously or has the quality not changed on them as much ever since

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